Adventures in Fourth of July Fashion

When I decided to write a post about getting your Fourth of July look, at first I was super nervous because I didn’t think I had anything good to wear. THEN, I started pulling stuff from my closet… white, navy, blue, red… even chambray… before I knew it, I had toooooo many options! It ended up being hella easy to put together some sassy 4th looks for America’s birthday party! Check out my ideas:

Classy and WHITE! This look combines my beloved white shorts and a lace top from Lily Pulitzer from Lily for Target. It starts off very monochromatic, but I was able to toss in some accessories that make it really fun and patriotic! And let’s face it: heels, even in the form of wedge sandals, make your legs look great.


 I took it to a little more of a Boho place. This time those favorite white shorts took a walk on the wild side with my dip-backed tie-died shirt. Again, I used accessories to make it red, white, and AWESOME. I have always loved those red tasseled earrings, and it was so fun to find a new way to wear them. Meanwhile, I found the bag on the back of my door; I forgot I even had it! Altogether, it’s a complete outfit.


Then I took my favorite Minnie Mouse dress and married it with a classic denim jacket and lace, laser-cut flats. I think it’s ladylike, but super fun; a very modern Minnie. While I was updating looks I did my own take on a modern Rosie the Riveter.


In this outfit, I paired my new sassy T from Kate Spade with a vintage-inspired plaid skirt. What finished that look? That classic Rosie bandana with my favorite office BCBG red leather loafers. I think Rosie would be proud!


I think more than anything we need casual outfits for the Fourth; it’s hot out there! Which is why I brought my trusty white shorts back out. This time, I paired them first with polka dots and then with chambray. To make them patriotic-appropriate, I used accessories to up the WOW! factor. My denim jacket, my Rosie bandana, and that long-forgotten red bag.

IMG_9172  IMG_9180

For my last look I dug out a favorite work shirt. My friend Amelia would call it “red baby”; it’s cool, it’s loose, and it has neat sleeves. It instantly upgrades any outfit, just like it does in this case with those old standby white shorts.


See how easy it is to take old pieces you’ve had forever and mix them up and get patriotic the Fourth of July? P.S. When in doubt, just use the Rosie bandana!

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