Adventures in Entertaining (Part 12)!

If you know me, you know I live to entertain. I truly enjoy throwing birthday parties, engagement parties, showers, and even the occasional wedding. 😉

My favorite part of event planning is the PLANNING. I know, nerd alert! I have developed some easy tips to get you through any party planning that we used for a recent engagement party! One of my work besties is marrying one of my OG work squad from when I first started practicing law. I couldn’t be more excited for them!


My friend, Adele, shared in my enthusiasm and thus an engagement party was born!

Here’s a classic photo of me and Adele… 😉

1. Simple food is always a crowd pleaser. I am talking about charcuterie and baked brie. No one says no. And they are delicious. Gluten free, nut free, and just plain delicious. I never throw a party without those classics.



2.  While we are keeping things simple, the same rules apply to decorations. You can see in those photos clear glass votives and monochromatic flowers. You know you are at an IMOP (Irene Maslanik Original Production) if you have monochromatic flowers and clear glass. It’s the hallmark of my events! Why? Because the glass is classically beautiful and elegant. The flowers? I just think flowers pop more when you can focus on the flower and the rich color of a single color. Also, I have become OBSESSED with chalkboards. My mom and made the chalkboards from start to finish from old frames and then I do the writing and art myself. It’s a little thing but it really upgrades a room. (The lanterns are cheap as hell from IKEA and so reusable! That’s really important with decorations! You don’t want to be constantly buying new stuff!)


3. Set up is key so then you can enjoy yourself. Food and decorations are great but the point of every party is the PEOPLE. Make sure when you throw a party that you actually spend time with the people at the party. Prep work makes this possible. So what if the food isn’t always completely replenished. Tag a friend to refill that chip dish and talk to a person! 🙂



P.S. Never forget dessert! 

**Special thanks to Christina Solazzo who took these great photos at the party!**

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