Hump day!


I feel like that commercial is like cilantro. You either love it or you hate it. Fortunately for me, most of my friends love it! We walked around the office today saying “what day is today?”

But moving on, I have fallen completely down the rabbit hole of BBC’s Sherlock. I watched it when it first aired both seasons but in anticipation of the filming of third season I have been rewatching all of the episodes. All grand plans of baking, trying new recipes, working out, and/or doing my nails, I have become a TV zombie. It’s the Netflix effect. I feel like everyone out there with Netflix knows what I am talking about. The weekend I lost to watching the entire series of Alias. The entire series. Want to go see a movie? Nope, busy. Fancy an afternoon in the dog park? Booked solid. Meanwhile, I am in jammies, horizontal on my couch, drowning in spying, intrigue, and zany wigs.

But back to Sherlock. It’s easy to see why there are oodles of fan pins, posts, and online dialogues about the show and the actors on it. Benedict Cumberbatch is just glorious to watch and everyone loves Martin Freeman. I won’t pretend to have any real analysis to share just a Wednesday night filled with Sherlock. Sitting here wondering, who’s with me in this love affair?


I thought this posted but it didn’t so its not exactly timely…


Nail polish party!

I am a nail polish junkie. I have a problem. I admit it, isn’t that the first step?
Here’s my pile:


Neon is so hot right now and I’ve been loving it for nails. Birch box recently produced a series awesome summer colors. I am currently wearing “Reign in Spain” with a quick coat of shimmer (thanks to Essie), and a great top coat my favorite manicurist, C, found! It is supposed to be a longER lasting answer to gel nail polish for regular nail polish.
Check it out!




Picnic Shower

Cake Pops Cake Pops and the spread Time to open presents...  Ladies (and babies) lounging The beautiful park! Ladies lounging during the scavenger hunt .


My philosophy when hosting and planning a shower is this is a party, therefore it should be fun. As it is a party in honor of the Mom-to-be or the soon the arriving child, it should somehow reflect them .  H is a biology teacher and environmentalist so we went zero waste, recycled items with a funky vibe. We gave out flower planters as favors and we used glass plates and cloth napkins. I think at the end we had one garbage bag and that was it!


This was such a team effort. So many mass emails and conversations. We had it in a local city park so we had to bring EVERYTHING with us. We made the mason jars, the banner, and the planters in advance.  We used the planters as decorations and with the help of the banners we created our own space. The food we served was picnic inspired: PB&J roll ups, corn dog muffins (http://pinterest.com/pin/206673070371865559/), fruit. and cheese and crackers. We used Pinterest for ideas and to plan. I love the shared boards because everyone can add and then see other’s ideas.  The night of the craft session each of my friends got off work at different times so they came in shifts: first S, then LF, and M came last after a hair cut.

This shower was a book shower, which means that instead of cards people brought books. Here’s a link to the mock up of the invitation we purchased from Etsy.


Interestingly, H’s baby is 2 months old now and he is starting to love to have books read to him! It’s like we knew!

I also believe that showers should be fun so we tried to keep the awkward games to a minimum. We did an interactive scavenger hunt in the park and it was quite the hit.

Probably the most time consuming thing was making the four different flavors of cake pops! H loves cake pops and developed an insane sweet tooth as part of her pregnancy. So E and I were up quite late making cake pops to whet her appetite.

With a yellowpad filled with lists and a group of dedicated friends, we were able to put on a beautiful shower for a beloved friend. The most important thing for us was to make H feel special and loved and I think we did just that!


Five Minute Fashion Update

If you only have five minutes to pick up some Summer fashion inspiration, stop here.

1. Metallics are always fun. This summer we have seen the introduction of mirrored metallics to the fashion landscape.
I found this chic outfit ideas on Pinterest.




Then I found these at Nordstrom Rack. I think the flat version makes the shoes more accessible for us ladies on the go!


2. Use vintage pieces to mix things up! C gave me this sweet vintage basket purse (and a great pair of silver hoops) and I have been loving pairing it with sundresses and my uniform (jeans and a T) all summer!


Here’s some other suggestions:



3. Bold necklaces dress anything up! Also, they are a great chance to try different trends like collars or rhinestones. Here’s my inspiration piece ($6.97 form Nordstrom Rack).


And some other inspired combos!







My friend, S, mentioned her disaster of a closet and I threw out how much I love a good project and a mega project was born. Disclaimer: S’s closet was legit. It’s a walk in closet with plenty of space to tuck things and forget about them. What it wasn’t was a optimal use of the space. It certainly was not a place where S could be inspired to up her fashion game. That’s why she used her “phone-a-friend.”











10 hours later, we created a space of which the Kardashians would approve and, perhaps more importantly, a space S could really use!

1. Make deliberate choices about how you organize your space. S and I created a dresser-type area where she could deposit change and lay things out.

2. Color-code your clothes. I know it sounds unnecessarily OCD but the truth is it is much easier to see what you have and to find items when you need them.

3. When cleaning out, be aggressive. It can be emotional and exhausting to relive memories,
think about how much you spent on an item, or how much you loved an item. For S, a poignant moment was when we put her Doc Martens in the give away pile. She once loved those shoes but had less room for them in the closet of her late twenties self.

4. Take this time as a spiritual purge and a chance to evaluate. Do I really wear jeans and a V neck t-shirt every Saturday? Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizon or maybe it’s time to realize just how worn out your once black cardi truly is…

5. Attractive storage containers are the key. S and I picked up the baskets at Target and even assembled the white dresser drawers under the hanging clothes (also from Target) and they make a huge difference. They help make the close feel both purposeful and in control.

Dressing is a way of life.

– Yves Saint Laurent