Guest of the Wedding Vol. 4 (Mom edition!)

It’s here, Aunt Leslie, what you’ve been waiting for — Mom edition of “Guest of the Wedding!” Graciously brought to you by my FAVORITE model/mom, my mom. She was fairly patient and let me dress her in some creative but classic and EXTREMELY comfortable looks to wear as a guest to a wedding.

First, classic black. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Black is classic for a reason. All you need is subtle accessories in metallic and an LBD can kill as a go to for a wedding. Check out how she did in her new Micheal Kors dress we found at Marshall’s for a steal! The boots dress it up and keep it comfy and warm for those tricky winter weddings.

iphoto 12 100

Next we take a sharp left into RED! This long-sleave Calvin Klein is a snazzy knit. I love it with the red necklace and lip. Nothing says classy lady about to get down on the dance floor like this red look.

iphoto 12 104

Red isn’t the only color out there. A lot of times we think about pastels and think perfect for weddings. But once you hit puberty, pastels in any large amount can be tricky to pull off. In this nicely structured periwinkle dress, my mom reveals how powerful the the simple sheath can be — add a pashmina for warmth (moms are always cold) and rock some must have nude heels and you are set for the spring wedding.

iphoto 12 105

And, finally, when you want to add a little sass to your look for the wedding nothing beats leopard print. My mom scored this Merona dress from Target and has got lots of mileage out of it. It’s classic and easy and can be quite sexy. I like it jazzed up with the red accessories.

iphoto 12 102

And there you have it, guest of the wedding — mom edition. In the immortal words of Miley Cyrus, we can’t stop and we won’t stop…. (hope you could hear her nasely singing of that line as you read it), which means of course there is always more to come when it comes to guest of the wedding posts… (Who knows who my next victim/beloved friend or family/model will be!)


Guest of the Wedding Vol. 3

Every so often, I kind of have to put my money where my mouth is… and be my own model.

As I have said before, I think it’s important to dress for style and for comfort. These things are not mutually exclusive.

I tend to really over think dressing for a wedding because it’s such a fun opportunity to dress up and have fun. Tonight, I was inspired to be creative and try out different looks.

Here’s the first:

photo 5 (15)

This look is about coordinating accessories. I love this dress because it’s the kind that you can simply put it on and be done. I hate it when I need a special bra, insane Spanx, or double stick tape. This dress has sleeves and it’s sparkly jersey so you know it’s comfortable. It’s got everything. In this pic, I show how easy it is to dress up with cranberry accessories.


photo 2 (37)

This look borrows from Grace Kelly. I like this dress because its modest in style but the color sure gives it flare. I paired it with a tomato clutch that matched and classic black pumps. I styled my hair tucked behind my ears and pinned it back to create the one of her signature looks.


photo 1 (33)

This look is all attitude and pizzazz. I bought these heels to wear as a bridesmaid in a wedding a couple of years ago and I have gotten a lot of mileage out of them. This one-shouldered black dress is accented by the sassy shoes, bold necklace and sparkly clutch.

All three of these looks are comfortable and can be worn to different styles of weddings.


Guest of the Wedding Vol. 2

My cousin agreed to model for second edition of “Guest of the Wedding” so my Tia who was requesting a slightly more mature look might have to wait until Vol. 4, when I plan on talking my mom into modeling. The third volume is me, so sorry again, Tia!


My cousin Erica is in her early twenties and having just graduated from college she has embarked on her first wedding season. She will be a bridesmaid for two of her friends in the coming year. She’s, of course, very excited. But as we all know, with weddings, comes the question of what to wear. Here’s some ideas from Erica’s closet.

First look:

DSCN4018  DSCN4020 DSCN4021

Erica found this dress with a fabulous back. She is the queen of finding truly excellent dresses that do not require a ton of accessorizing. This dress is simple and beautiful. With classic neutral heels, her dress looks perfect. (It’s also cobalt…)




As for her second look, she showcases again the high-low look I love black and white because it’s easy to wear and can be paired with almost any accessorizing. She could add turquoise jewelry or yellow or nothing at all and it would be just as nice.


DSCN4014 DSCN4015

Erica found another one with an awesome back and also in cobalt. Here she shows you how with the right dress, you don’t have to do anything more than put the dress on. It’s classic and easy but just a bit sassy.