Anatomy of an Outfit

This time on Anatomy of an Outfit, we talk balance. 

I am forever inspired by all the stylish creative people around me. One such person who kills it is my friend and co-worker, Bridgette. I walked past her and was like “Hold the phone! You are so going to be in my blog!” I have been thinking about doing an Anatomy of an Outfit post for a while and was trying to get something together in my head to make it great but then Bridgette walked in all her fierce glory and it was a sign! So here we go:

What makes a great outfit? BALANCE. That is absolutely the key to wearing any trend or putting together any great outfit. That’s why Coco Chanel’s advice is so clutch:


Want to try a bold pattern? Pair it with a solid.

Interested in a pop of color? Accessories are the way to do it.

Matching accessories make you smile? Don’t overwhelm yourself… shoes + bold necklace = perfect balance; the outfit doesn’t need a bracelet or big earrings as well. That’s too much!

You know what would help? A model rocking a sweet outfit… Check out how Bridgette nailed the art of balance.

photo 1 (17) photo 3 (14) photo 2 (18)

Her outfit was perfect for office because it combines bright colors with the classic navy. She balanced the navy and white print that had that hint of pink with her pink necklace and pumps. She topped the whole look off with a cute side part wave and natural makeup.  Hats off to Bridgette who nailed her outfit and helped with a quick lesson on balance and the anatomy of an outfit! Can’t wait to see what I come upon next! 


Color Inspiration: Coral

Coral is a great color to wear especially during warmer months. I think it’s a flattering color for everyone and it’s really fun with the added benefit of feeling very ladylike. I love to dress with individual style but always having an element of classic style. I think that’s one of the best aspects of putting together a coral outfit – a feminine color with a summery twist.


Here are a bunch of examples of coral done very right — I was really inspired by the black and white with coral (I think my feelings on black and white with anything have been made clear over time!)! These are all ladies from my office who were killing it in coral this week!

photo 2 (17) photo 1 (16) photo (24) photo 3 (13)

And here’s some more creative styling choices…

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Exploring Trends… Summer Edition

Exploring trends… Summer Edition takes on scuba material and botanical prints.

I know what my mom is thinking when she reads this post: What are you doing wearing scuba material? With plants on it?

downloaddownload (1)


Well, no exactly.

It’s a thicker fabric that holds pleats really well and has a bit of stiffness to it with the added benefit of breathing and feeling cool. It’s perfect for peplums and skater skirts. It’s also a great choice for body-con dresses because the thicker, stiff fabric hides flaws.

Here are some examples that show a basic design, flowed by pleats, and finished with body-con:


Some dresses have taken the scuba theme and run with it by including a sipper detail:


Summer means a lot more fun with patterns and colors. One of the prevalent and I think very do-able trends is botanicals. I am not saying flower patterns for a reason. A flowery pattern is something for little girl dresses or old couches, botanicals floral prints with a plus factor — like optical illusion or watercolor effects. They make the print seem dream like and just a bit futuristic. I think botanicals are very relatable for people of all ages and sizes, as in all things, I believe it is just about balance. This summer the trend has been to combine with the print and the scuba fabric to make a slightly futuristic and crisp look. I think the reason they work so well is the clean, flat surface of the fabric makes for a great canvas for the botanical print. Here are a bunch of examples of botanical + scuba done with style:

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And as I always try to do, I put my money where my mouth is… this is my botanical dress that I got for $40 off of SimplyBe.com. I thought it’d be fun for summer, work, and even weddings. It feels very ladylike but with some attitude to it. And I know this dress works because it passed the ultimate test — I got compliments from my male co-workers. The secret to styling it is absolutely do not over accessorize. You will notice that I have paired this dress with nude pumps (coral flats around the office), pale turquoise bow earrings (a Kate Spade gift from my bestie Meg), and my new simple crescent necklace (with which I am obsessed so get used to seeing it in pictures!), No over the top hair, makeup, jewelry, or shoes. This dress and look are all about the print and the material. It’s also great if you are feeling a bit lazy because it’s low maintenance.

photo 2 (15) photo 1 (14)photo 3 (11)


I don’t usually go for dresses with that much pattern and such a neutral base color but the color and richness come from the botanical print that looks so sharp against that scuba material. Try it! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


What makes a good outfit tick?

Lately I have been talking about inspiration. Today’s topic is the “how to” of putting together a great outfit. To do that, I took a couple of sweet outfits from the people around me and break them down. Interested? Check out this installment of “Anatomy of an Outfit.” I think we will be seeing more of these types of posts. My goal is to empower you to not try new things and build great outfits.

Here is my friend Alice rocking a sweet look at work:

photo 1 (9)

She nailed the pieces. She told me they were all from thrifting. I especially loved the way she balanced her accessories. The outfit has good bones — bold color + pattern + fun jacket. But what makes it pop is the perfectly matched and not too over the top accessories:
photo (16)

And she keeps it funky and sassy with the shoes…

photo 2 (10)

Way to go, Alice!

I was inspired by here to try my own (only slightly) bohemian look…

photo 3 (7)

I added my new Stella and Dot tusk necklace, stacked with a classic initial necklace (a la Mindy)mindys-yellow-lemon-print-dress-magenta-cardigan2-600x351

photo 5 (6) photo 4 (6)

And finished the look with my ever reliable classic brown wedges.


Here’s another great look from the office brought to you by my friend, Adrian. She showed us how to work the white BIG TIME. photo 2 (8)I like what she did with the use of bold color with the white and keeping her accessories clean and minimal. It makes the outfit feel clean and light.

I was nervous about white heels. I have this thing where when I wear white shoes, I always feel like my feet look extra big. (See what I mean?) iphone 30 128

But Adrian let me try her’s on and they looked fab so I think white heels might be on my shopping list for the summer. This outfit pairs bold color with a neutral and makes it all work with the coordinating heels.

Finally, my cousin, Erica, sent me this great pic of her outfit:

iphone 26 190

With this outfit, she shows how the scrunched sleeves of the jacket balance the simple dress. She really takes it to the next level with her fierce booties. It makes the outfit jazzy, young, and professional.

Dressing with style isn’t a science. It’s not as easy as using a checklist. Instead, it’s about balance and proportion. When in doubt, you can always use the old Coco Chanel rule:



Arm Candy!

My friend Meg loves candy and jewelry. So arm candy is probably her dreams come to life. My mom is probably sitting readying this post and thinking: “arm candy? what is she talking about?”

Arm Candy is what is referred to when stylists stack bracelets with or without a watch. It can add dimension, color, or interest to an outfit. Today, I am using my arm candy to help hold together my kelly green and turqouise look.

Here’s my arm candy:

photo (8)

Here’s some examples:

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It couldn’t be easier to put together arm candy. The best rule of thumb is to stick with one type of metal — gold, silver, and rose gold. Then just have fun with it!!! I love to mix Target pieces with Stella and Dot with cool with vintage touches and whimsy. You really can’t go wrong. I love arm candy because it’s bling-tastic with attitude. How can you incorporate arm candy into your look?




Adventures in Neon in the Workplace

OK, I might be obsessed with neon.

The closer we get to warm weather, the more you will see neon. I wasn’t sure if neon works for work. But not one to shy away from a challenge, I have been incorporating neon in my work wardrobe. Today, I rocked my latest piece — a neon magenta sweater from Forever 21 — and I got so much positive feedback on it that I decided it was time to spread the word: Neon WORKS! (My big boss told me if there was a power outage, he was following me. I took it as a compliment!)


c83ea974520511aa1f11aded2a0885f3photo 2 (7)


If you are worried about how to make it “work” for you (see what I did there?), have no fear I have your back! I think the best and easiest way is to introduce signature pieces — like a blazer, pumps, or skirt. Simply pair it with the classics like black and white or stripes and it will work for you and I bet you will get lots of positive feedback. If you are feeling brave add neon accessories!

b1216c125bb8cf388f035d610c322a28IMG_5994 (1)

Try neon and tell me what you think! *Don’t forget to send pics! 🙂


What to Wear — Easter Edition!

Is there a more wonderful time than Spring? It culminates for me on Easter Sunday. My mom and I love to put together our Easter finest. We’ve even been sporting fascinators and small vintage hats in an attempt to bring back traditions of old.

Here’s last year:

photo 5 (20)

Now here’s some inspiring dresses for you:

c41ea48602e81fc3e632936e972fb10737f3cb6f4029a2d43021d3314a2ae2e7b521c2f293e5a7158ee9de8e8330ecc051b625f3fc2b0cb7f8474c5ef961c37b47c1003f276c8bbd8b6958c9da20bd94fcefbd448f693e0a2749cec6a8cc336a fa343a6f95c5e4c3f8ec668ff809b476  edd17f87ea8a5d141c50e98b015f0620 1c68427116171d0fa5c35464ee47f82785f435e216d4521cf2515fe811db9918a4493a007d23cead676327318714c423 70fef158f5346914a3f479fba588cc3b  da20c0f18789039a0a70418042edbeb4 265acd211f079e5a8b36d19f40afb4bb 3ef5ebd13f3152d69333d3fea15aeac3Here’s what I am contemplating for myself this year… (I just need to find some sassy accessories to rock it with as well as a hat!)

photo 1 (50)