Adventures in What To Wear On NYE!


It’s sparkle time. If you haven’t already planned out your outfit for tonight, don’t worry. I have some tips for how to shop in your own closet and have fun with an outfit for tonight!

Now, I have to admit that I did the styling for this post from my friend Megan’s closet and she has a LOT of fun accessories and sparkly items.

In fact, I went to her house wearing skinnies, a baseball T, and flats. I came out wearing THIS:


So the first thing to remember in a pinch is that an LBD will NEVER let you down. Dust off your favorite little black dress and toss that puppy on… all you need to do now is add some sparkle. Either pile on jewelry — layering is your friend — or add those fun shoes you’ve had in your closet but have been working up to wearing.


Next, be bold. If there was ever an occasion to try new things and step outside the box, it’s tonight — NYE. For this look, I talked Megan into rocking her fierce leopard print silk PJs. I think she kills it and makes them bold and sassy! Great for a party or a night in — it’s up to you!


Finally, when it doubt just pile on the sparkle. Do you have a shirt with sequins on it? Put that on! Do you have anything else with sparkles? Put that on too. Catch my drift? You can always ground the outfit with a black coat (or a wild coat) or sweet black booties.


Most importantly have fun. A smile is and always will be the best accessory for any person on NYE.

It’s ok to stay home and watch movies with your besties or your love and it’s equally ok to hit the town. Whatever you do — have fun and celebrate 2014 because 2015 is coming and it’s going to be great!


Adventures in OOTD!

Things are pretty slow around the old courthouse over the holidays. No one wants to be here. So I decided it was the perfect time to have a little fun with my outfit.
So today, I took a page out of Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s book and rocked a baseball T with a embellished skirt.

  mindy-baseball-tee IMG_3172

What do you think?

I paired it with my favorite booties and some Bridgette Bardot inspired hair (that fell a bit flat — thanks to the all the rain!).


This picture is also reveals an attempt at nude lips… not sure where I stand on them. I was inspired by this Pinterest pin for the hair:


Best of all, after court, I changed into my skinny jeans and am now chillaxing in jeans and a baseball T — this is the life!

It’s crazy where we find inspiration. I try to be open to the world and you never know what’s going to come together!


Adventures in… Getting Organized for 2015

I get a lot inspiration from other blogs and my favorite websites. Today was no exception! I read this great post today on The Beauty Department…



It totally inspired to take some time to get my make up organized. I usually keep in piles and not only does it not look great, it’s not highly functional. But all of that changed today, when I stopped at Target (thanks for tip The Beauty Department). I picked up this great tray for less than $20. It revolutionized my whole make up world.
See what I mean:

Even Oscar approved…

IMG_3170  IMG_3169

I am also thinking of trying some other 2015 organizational projects… But this little five minute project put such a smile on my face and I bet a new smile will pop up there tomorrow morning when I am getting ready for work and all of my make up is super organized. What kinds of small projects can you do to make a strong start to the new year. For me (a lesson I learned from my mom), the challenge is always to keep control of the mess. I love little projects I can take on to keep things neat and organized.

Here comes 2015, it’s time to get ready!


Adventures in the Dallas Arboretum!

Life doesn’t get much better than a crisp fall day and cherished friends. As my love letter to Texas and my friends there continues… I hope you don’t mind if I spend some time waxing poetic about the beautiful things I saw. On my last day in Dallas, Sue took me to the most magical place: the Dallas Arboretum. I really enjoyed my special time with Sue.

iphone 45 203

When we got there, it was perfect — a crisp breeze and bright, warm sun.  We got to see the best of two worlds — the pumpkin displays and the 12 Days of Christmas Gazebos.

iphone 45 204 iphone 45 205 iphone 45 206  iphone 45 211

Then we got to have lunch with Lynnsey and Amelia — they came from their offices. It made me really realize that we are grown ups with jobs and serious clothes (well, no serious clothes for me).

iphone 45 234iphone 45 212

Why, yes, Lynnsey is holding a Texas shaped cookie that Sue and I made in the morning while they were at work. You see why my time with Sue was so magical — she let me bake and listened to my ramblings.

Now, for these next pictures, try not to hate me.

iphone 45 214 iphone 45 216 iphone 45 218 iphone 45 220 iphone 45 222  iphone 45 228 iphone 45 231 iphone 45 232

Wasn’t it beautiful? Words really fail me. I was so glad I could share the day with Sue, who told me the names of the plants and answered alllllll of my questions. I tend to be a bit of a four year old when it comes to nature. You know “why does it grow here?” “how does it work when the plants die?” “speaking of dying, how do you keep plants alive again?” She was amazing — she is a Master Gardener after all. She even taught me how to make a terrarium and gave me a bunch of the required fillings (don’t worry a post is forthcoming!).

iphone 45 226

I think that might have been my favorite day.

Sadly, this is my final post in my series of love letters from my trip to Texas. It was a wonderful trip — filled with new experiences and, best of all, cherished friends! I hope to return soon!


Adventures in DIY Wreaths

Anyone catch the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project? There was a hilarious moment when Mindy defends her “Wreath Witherspoon.”


A holiday wreath made of pictures of… Reese Witherspoon. It took off and was even featured on the Today show this am. Don’t believe me? Check out this article: http://greatideas.people.com/2014/12/15/mindy-kaling-wreath-witherspoon/?xid=socialflow_facebook_greatideas
My friend Laura texted me about them this am and then we discussed at our division holiday party and decided that we needed a Wreath Witherspoon and a A-Wreath-a Franklin for the office. (We also discussed a Keanu Wreath.)

So while I sat on a conference call today, I worked on these beauties…

photo 1 (43)

And her they are individually…

A-Wreath-a Franklin!

photo 2 (46)

And Wreath Witherspoon…

A-Wreath-a made it to Laura’s office door. And Reese, well, she’s in a place of honor in the midst of my office holiday decor.

See what I mean?

photo (42)


Adventures in Stitch Fix!


There are some really creative people out there. My friend Paige discovered this service called Stitch Fix. It’s basically a personal shopping service. It’s really cool. The way it works is (for a fee), they send you clothes that they believe comply with your answers to a questionnaire regarding fit and style. You try the clothes on and if you like them — buy them! And they subtract your fee from the cost of the clothes.


I have to admit, when Paige first told me about it, I was pretty skeptical. How cute can the clothes be? And will they be good quality? (And shhhh, don’t tell Paige) Paige has very high expectations and a clear view of what she likes and dislikes (not unlike yours truly). It makes shopping for us VERY difficult.

When the package came I was pleasantly surprised! Paige was able to explain her need for easy access nursing tops and they clearly put good thought into it. They even told her how to style the individual pieces. They were individually a little expensive but you got a discount if you bought the whole package and I think the convenience and well-thought out selections really helped even the scales in the face of the slightly higher costs.

Here’s what they sent Paige:
photo 3 (31)

I didn’t love the drappy black sweater but I think it was because of the two tones… I think it’s a great piece if it’s all black or grey and it was very snuggly.

photo 4 (26)

This plum dolman top was nice but I think a little long for Paige. I did really like the shade of purple — I just think at almost $50 it was a bit expensive.

photo 1 (42)

I loved this bright purple shirt. It looked so sharp with the great black jeggings they sent. Paige wasn’t sold on the length. But we agreed the style and functionality was spot on!

photo 2 (45)

This was probably our shared favorite top. It is really soft and figure flattering. I also think that it transitions really effortlessly between work and play. Not to mention, it features easy access for Paige’s nugget, Parker.
When it comes to deciding what to get, Paige is leaning towards this last outfit. It’s not necessarily the cheapest but it scores major points in flattering her figure, comfort, and convenience. Paige is interested to see how they do when she sends back stuff and provides feedback. And I am too! It’s really a cool idea. (I did remind Paige that she is friends with me and that I could do this same service live and in person. 🙂 So who knows what will happen in the future.) We were both so glad it turned out to be a positive experience — with fit and style. It could have easily gone the other way. So for now, remain cautiously optimistic about the Stitch Fix and look forward to further adventures!