Accessories for Warmer Weather… Try White

I tend to boomerang between black and white outfits and bright colors. But when the weather gets warmer (and I mean HOT, I do live in FL), more and more I lean towards bright colors and stay away from the black. When you are wearing bright colors or patterns (as is often the case with bright colors), it can be tricky to accessorize. You can remove the guesswork if you go with white! If you are looking for versatility, you really cannot do better than white. It goes with everything. From purses to earrings or necklaces, white accessories are the most practical and high impact accessories of the summer months. Don’t forget a white belt can also be just the piece to bring clothes from the cold weather seasons to the warmer weather looks. There is absolutely no trick to styling white accessories. You can go big or small or unique or vintage — the sky’s the limit. You do not have to spend a lot of money – Target and TJ Maxx are great places to look for good pieces. And Stella and Dot has some great white pieces that aren’t crazy expensive.

See how much pop you get from the white accessories in these outfits?



Here are some well-done white accessories to get those creative juices flowing.

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What makes a good outfit tick?

Lately I have been talking about inspiration. Today’s topic is the “how to” of putting together a great outfit. To do that, I took a couple of sweet outfits from the people around me and break them down. Interested? Check out this installment of “Anatomy of an Outfit.” I think we will be seeing more of these types of posts. My goal is to empower you to not try new things and build great outfits.

Here is my friend Alice rocking a sweet look at work:

photo 1 (9)

She nailed the pieces. She told me they were all from thrifting. I especially loved the way she balanced her accessories. The outfit has good bones — bold color + pattern + fun jacket. But what makes it pop is the perfectly matched and not too over the top accessories:
photo (16)

And she keeps it funky and sassy with the shoes…

photo 2 (10)

Way to go, Alice!

I was inspired by here to try my own (only slightly) bohemian look…

photo 3 (7)

I added my new Stella and Dot tusk necklace, stacked with a classic initial necklace (a la Mindy)mindys-yellow-lemon-print-dress-magenta-cardigan2-600x351

photo 5 (6) photo 4 (6)

And finished the look with my ever reliable classic brown wedges.


Here’s another great look from the office brought to you by my friend, Adrian. She showed us how to work the white BIG TIME. photo 2 (8)I like what she did with the use of bold color with the white and keeping her accessories clean and minimal. It makes the outfit feel clean and light.

I was nervous about white heels. I have this thing where when I wear white shoes, I always feel like my feet look extra big. (See what I mean?) iphone 30 128

But Adrian let me try her’s on and they looked fab so I think white heels might be on my shopping list for the summer. This outfit pairs bold color with a neutral and makes it all work with the coordinating heels.

Finally, my cousin, Erica, sent me this great pic of her outfit:

iphone 26 190

With this outfit, she shows how the scrunched sleeves of the jacket balance the simple dress. She really takes it to the next level with her fierce booties. It makes the outfit jazzy, young, and professional.

Dressing with style isn’t a science. It’s not as easy as using a checklist. Instead, it’s about balance and proportion. When in doubt, you can always use the old Coco Chanel rule:



How do I get inspired?

Feeling uninspired? It’s my least favorite feeling. I usually a pretty positive person (my judge once said I was the most optimistic person he knew — I was trying to get him to end my client’s probation before it even started just on the hope of good behavior — he didn’t bite.) so when I can’t find inspiration and get in a funk, it can be hard for me to bounce back. But the truth is like anything in life, once you are into the groove everything is easier… waking up earlier, exercising, eating healthy. But sometimes getting into the groove is part of the battle. When I feel my personal style slip it’s usually for a couple of reasons: unshaven legs, stress/exhaustion, or unshaven legs. To get inspired to figure out what to wear in the am, I often go to my favorite digital bulletin board: Pinterest. I love a full bulletin board (like the one in my office!).

photo (13)

And Pinterest never disappoints. I navigate Pinterest one of three ways… either the general site, my own boards, or by searching. This morning when I set out to find a blog worthy outfit, I started with the first and went through the three approaches and ended up searching for “black” “pants” “work outfit” “summer.” This is what I found:

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Fully inspired, now, I put together an outfit with my new white blazer and I think I rocked it out. I got lots of compliments (and only a few Colonel Sanders jokes). I paired my black knit pants with a white button down and ribbon tie, added my snub nose platform heels, and my red Stella and Dot Baroque earrings and was all set.

photo 2 (9)

I suppose this post reveals that if you follow my Pinterest account, you probably are getting a preview into what I am going to wear the next day — or at least what I’d like to wear!

It’s amazing what we can come up with when we pick one item to work around. I was joking with my cousin Erica about how we are both going through a “Hate-everything-in-our-closets” moment. We were lamenting how hard it was to be excited about our outfits and to feel confident and fashionable. But here, I took black pants (a major staple — hint, hint) and made them playful and fashionable. So when you are struggling to find inspiration, try to find a trick that will get you excited and maybe pushes you out of your comfort zone and into a snazzy new outfit!




I know, I took an unexpected two week break, and I deserted you all! I spent the last couple of weeks moving… and it was exhausting! I am BACK now and hopefully full of new inspiration. I am working on a whole slew of new posts — are you ready to try curlers? Patterned pants? A new plea for power pattern clashing? All this in more, coming at you as soon as I post it.

So buckle up because here we go!

photo (15)