Inspired by… Celebrities!

If you follow my blog you know that I have a couple of celebrities who fashion constantly inspires me. I am all about Mindy Kaling (And her alterego Dr. Lahiri, who is probably closest to my personal style), Kate Middleton (because she’s fashion GOLD), Taylor Swift (her vintage and ladylike looks slay me), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meister’s fierce character from Gossip Girl), and Lauren Conrad (No one does classic cool better and I have always been team LC since the Laguna Beach days). I don’t mean to say that I dress exactly like any one of them. I am not exactly known for my California cool look like LC or my future Queen of England coat and dress sets (Duchess Kate!) or darling oxford + sassy animal sweater looks (TSwift) or my prep school re-imaginings (Queen B) but I am inspired to up my game and to try new things by these ladies or always daring of Mindy. I think each of them has a really clear sense of their own style and it shows in every outfit they put together.

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When I started thinking about this blog post and how inspired I was by each of these ladies, I decided to challenge some friends to see what kind of outfits they could put together with the same inspiration. They accepted and we had a blast! The first installment is inspired by Mindy Kaling’s alterego: Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

When I think about the clothes Mindy wears, I think bold colors and playful patterns — and of course, BLING! 

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 If I had Mindy’s closet, it would be SUPER dangerous! But here’s our outfits inspired by Mindy:

 meg 5 01353b712576a1b157eacafbd23916c4 photo (33)

We had so much fun playing dress up with our clothes being inspired by fashionistas we see around us. Who inspires you?


Adventures with a LBD!

Style experts are always touting the importance of owning a classic LBD (Little Black Dress). I know that the classics, like the LBD, are a classic for a reason. They never get old, they always look sharp, and they are universally flattering. The LBD is pretty much at the forefront of the classic wardrobe conversation. Whenever I help someone work on their closet organization and help them work on their wardrobe, we always try to add a classic LBD because they are never wrong. The work for almost any occaision — work, weddings, date night, or even weekend wear with flats! Needless to say, a clothes junkie like me has tons of LBDs but I just got a new one! I recently have fallen into the clutches of ModCloth. A magical place where I can find adorable dresses that are both work appropriate and sassy. I got this LBD on super sale for $40.

bam bam 2

I was drawn to the Audrey Hepburn classic-ness of the silhouette. I also love that it’s lined and has pockets — my mom would say that pockets and lining are a sure sign of a well-made dress.


I decided to challenge myself to re-style the LBD three different ways with nothing more than what I could find in my office…

bam bam 6bam bam 7

The first look I put together was with my classic red heels:

bam bam 3

With my red blazer, I switched my belt to the outside to add definition in the middle. I think the three-quarter rolled sleeves also go a long way to keep the proportion even. In the end, you can never go wrong with classic red pumps.

Then I had some fun with leopard print:

bam bam 1

This time, I lost the belt, added a sweet turquoise blazer (from Forever 21 — it’s amazing right?), and finished the look with my leopard print heels. Of course, my bam bam hair (just trying something new) totally completed the outfit — especially when you get a good look at my tiny bow:

bam bam 5

Finally, for my edgiest look, I took it to the neon!

bam bam 4

I switched the blazers for a boyfriend sweater and put the belt on top of that. The different texture of the knit sweater on top of the polished dress adds dimension — with the belt keeping it all together. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love fabulous neon accessories on my wrist and feet. (I got those shoes at H&M on clearance. Whenever I wear them, people stop me in the halls of the courthouse to compliment on my shoes! Best purchase ever!)

It’s really too easy to style a black dress… look what I did with just the contents of my office. While I recognize that everyone’s office doesn’t have the shoe wall or a draw full of discarded accessories (sometimes I get hot or they give me headaches!) but you can still take an LBD — I know you have one! — and have fun with it!


Anatomy of An Outfit!

It’s fall in the fashion books but I live in Florida, where fall is elusive and summer lasts forever. I have been getting increasingly creative with ways to feel the fall love and also celebrate the crazy warm weather we’ve been having! This week I took one of my favorite new pieces — my scuba, water color peplum from Eloquii — and paired it with a lightweight checked shirt (from the greatest place on Earth, Target). I used bold earrings as pins and added color to the top and finished the look with my favorite vintage-y heels. See what I mean?

slefie 2selife 3selfie 1selfie 5

This outfit really serves as a tutorial on the power of pattern clashing. It’s become a regular staple among fashion bloggers and, of course, no does it better than Mindy. Check out these other ladies doing it right and consider trying it yourself! (Send me the pics!)

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Adventures in Tea Parties!

For those of you following the blog, you know by now that I am working on my 30 Before 30 List!


#17 Experience High Tea can be checked off the list!

My friend JQ helped me out by indulging me/jumping in wholeheartedly in an afternoon of tea. In our minds, we looked something like this…


 But I think we pulled something more along these lines…


We went to one of my favorite places in Tampa — The Oxford Exchange. It’s a bibliophile paradise! And the home goods are to die for! (Also the food is amazing! Obviously, I am a huge fan!) Check it out: http://oxfordexchange.com/

  tea party 12tea party 10

We had the best time. We wore sweet vintage hats and chatted about Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf while munching on delicious treats and giggling.  Here’s a great view of JQ’s hat — classic daisies!

tea party 5

We took a sweet selfie (in the bathroom)! tea party 7

(It took us a bunch of tries… which I have included in the spirit of journalistic integrity!)

tea party 16tea party 14

I read up on ladylike behaviors: tea party 9

And here were our treats! Complete with homemade scones and macarones!

tea party 2tea party 11

Then posed adorably with our treats and hopeful looks!

 tea party 4tea party 6

Real ladies toast their scones, right?

tea party 3

Thanks for coming along on our tea party! It was a fantastic afternoon and the 30 Before 30 adventures continue…


Adventures in Dressing Like a Lady – Midi Skirt Edition

I won’t lie. I love a good pairing of jeans and a t-shirt as much as the next girl. But nothing compares with the joy of wearing a ladylike outfit.


I love that quote from Margaret Thatcher. It is so true! Being ladylike is about how you act – with confidence and composure — and, of course, how you treat others — with dignity and respect. When it comes to ladylike dressing, it’s all about the same ideas — power from elegance and modesty combined with charm and wit. What do I mean by a ladylike outfit? Well, it’s about being polished, coordinated, and modestly dressed. For example, a midi length skirt screams ladylike to me. Midi length skirts have been EVERYWHERE since last Spring and I love it. They are looking like they aren’t going anywhere for Fall either so buckle up for more midi inspired posts! What does “midi” mean? Mid-calf length, it’s all about where the skirt ends. There’s not a lot to styling midi length skirts — it’s easy peasy. Find a skirt you like and then add a top you like! Of course, I am kidding. There’s a vaguely vintage feel to the midi so it’s fun to pair with classic looks (button ups, stripes, polka dots) or be more daring (sequins, crops, scuba, florals). The most important thing is to keep it light on top and bottom — it’s a lot of fabric. And don’t forget to accessorize!

(Petites should be careful with midi length. You HAVE to wear heels if you are going to rock the look. Just a friendly warning!)

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The other added benefit of midi skirts is they are a great transition into fall looks. It’s easy to take a bold color — like a summery neon pink — and pair it with a plaid to make it feel more like fall. Here’s an example of what I mean with my newest hot pink skirt from Eloquii.

iphone 40 touched up 42

My friend (and frequent model), Megan, rocked the best ladylike midi outfit this week!

photo 1 (24)

She paired polka dots (you KNOW I loved that!) with her latest skirt purchase from Eloquii. They have been killing it lately with the midi length skirts and we both have fallen under their spell. Megan kills it with her polka dots, big belt and classic heels. Megan is a champ when it comes to accessorizing. I can’t wait to see her style that emerald skirt for the holiday season (methinks that there might just be a blog post about it!)! Megan thought her outfit was a bit June Cleaver-ish but I thought it was classic and fun! Megan is the queen of styling herself into different characters. It’s something I plan on exploring later this week in a post titled “Adventures in Personal Style” that I hope you will all read and enjoy.



Outfit Inspiration: Back to School


School is starting back and I have to say one of the saddest things about being an adult and working (all the time) is no more back to school shopping. Obviously the most important outfit of the year was the first day of school outfit. I have to admit that my zeal for fashion didn’t really get going until college so the outfits I put together in high school make me cringe. The one thing I can say for myself is that I was (and hopefully am) very true to myself — even if the outfits were TERRIBLE.

Seeing all the back to school ads on the TV make me think of what I would wear to go back to school now. I happen to LOVE this Payless commercial. The mom and daughter exchange in the commercial totally reminded me and my mom and our interactions! #Bestmomever


Here are some inspirational looks…

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Feeling totally inspired, I put together my own fall-inspired back to school outfit. I paired tweed pencil pants with a sweet plaid shirt and my favorite vintage heels.

iphone 39 082