Oscar Predictions

I like movies but I LOVE fashion. So the Oscars are more about what the stars wear than what the stars win…

I really enjoy the process of looking through the runway shows and trying to figure out which looks will be chosen by the stylist elite. Here are some general and specific hopes and dreams followed by dresses…

1. I hope they don’t make Jennifer Lawrence wear another huge dress. She looks fabulous but it’s gotten old. Also, it’d be nice if she could be a bit more comfortable. 

2. I hope that the stylists take advantage of the power of a proper white dress. They cut through the see of color and black and literally shine. Also you can accessorize so creatively with white that it adds so much fun and nuance to a look. 

3. That the older stars — Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and Julia Roberts — show the young ladies how to do it. The three of them know how to rock a red carpet, I hope that this year is no exception.

4. I hope that we won’t see mid-drifts or thigh slits anymore… those trends should die. 

5. If I could have any dress walk the red carpet of the ones below I picked… it would be:

I have loved this dress since the first moment I saw it. For me, it has everything — shape, movement, color, b&w, a touch of neon. It’s fun but classic. Futuristic but not cheesy. I love this dress.

And now for the dresses: 

I went through the couture shows of 2014 to look at what was released and what would make great choices on the runway…

Here they are:

CHA_1487.450x675 CHA_1501.450x675 CHA_1518.450x675

Elie Saab** By far my favorite, and not generally a huge favorite amongst the red carpet a-listers but I believe that’s a mistake. Their collection was incredible.

YVL_4682.450x675 YVL_4701.450x675 YVL_4843.450x675


YVL_5077.450x675 YVL_5147.450x675


Armani Prive

_ARC0504.450x675  _ARC0565.450x675  _ARC0852.450x675

Atelier Versace

_ARC0419.450x675 _ARC0533.450x675 (1) _ARC0568.450x675


And then there’s Dior. Since I was planning on trying to guess what Jennifer Lawrence might wear to the Oscars, I have been pouring over Dior’s runways lately. She wore EVERY single dress they put down the runway in the last year except this dress. I had planned on that being my pick.


And then this happened:

So I was forced to go to the drawing board. Their 2014 couture line doesn’t really lend itself to the red carpet. But I do kind of like this one…


Here are the random other pics:
Jenny Packham –


Valentino –


Monique Lhullier-


Oscar de la Renta –


Zac Posen:



The Oscars – My Best List

Arguably the biggest night for fashion that appears on international TV, the Oscars have always been one of my favorite events of the year. For my own enjoyment (and if you are reading this, I hope yours as well) I compiled what I consider some of the best looks of all time. (Don’t worry more Oscar posts are coming at you soon!)

dd70b01de0f2afe1bb9285a325d50b72 c97302f08811ebb64cfc7a01dc3ee5ab 0edc90a7fe929c02d83d020116739f18 01353b712576a1b157eacafbd23916c4 01122f6f5091b1725883ee72eed0f181 a3eb58c8f384d1230d8d221a939dd15b 8f97965517d89cde2298a88b2257b76e 17e76af9f64ce631e780125bc1be597b 73eed641b3f52c9d51f21e7a5300ea37 72eecba745a5e68050bde8925e893d2f 91aadb750e259533981e1a747bef3cfe 575e093564142867c1a085ccd2ed4939 8869082fb34b96b549eb993fee892069 92be68a21c846fece8ab85d3dbd7e07f c00f5252a3d2167b8fcca319429ef6fd


Fisherman Sweaters – A major “DO”

I love it a good fashion “do.” Fall and winter are all about the chunky sweaters and perhaps none more chunky than the classic cream fisherman sweater. As a Floridian I recognize the hardship that it is trying to wear these sweaters but they look so classically cool that I find myself making it work.


I decided to break down three different ways to wear fisherman sweaters…

1. Baggy with skinnies – Obvi, a favorite!

61b72a33492f54175b79ce2c589bc32e 91b4bb6732c62a3731a1ca090c2bf7e0 f7ae6f34954907ee70cc0077d05c2202 818e00e0d9eb8c410d967ae9ea67a68fiphone 23 111

2. Layered up.

ba35157e4d26b7cec11f273d7d357a1c bd8b3f81e886649ede98e5d1b4b518ea e47954aa14c71adcdd65e4bc7d33240b0eb497a5a320e8146201bbea01ffcaf0photo 2 (4)

3. Skirted down!

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iphone 23 137

With my plaid midi length skirt, I feel like this look is very Scottish… I tried to take it out of the British Isles with a pair of sassy snub-nosed red heels.

Here are two bonus fisherman sweater looks: All white (you know I love that!) and short and flirty! 🙂

iphone 23 126iphone 23 145


Neon is back.

Neon is back. Three of the best words a girl could type. Also, I am not so sure it ever left. But the weather getting warmer (sorry, Indianians, it really is like 80 degrees here), it’s time to start brainstorming and/or getting excited about neon for summer.

But how can I wear neon? It’s for teens and models? Neon is better in workout clothes, right?

If any of those thoughts are on the tip of your tongue, buckle up because you are about to be schooled in neon. Sharpen those pencils and push up your thick glasses, and here. we. go!

How to wear neon in 3 (anyone can do it) steps:

1. Don’t over think it. Neon is easy to pair with jeans as either shoes or a bag…

72b7c2d374920b7c90da964bbca8f97d 80468597f6ab18783b414c4f340a0747

2. Neon and black are meant to be. Make it happen!

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And if it goes well with black…

3. Neon is meant to be worn with white as well. It’s almost time for white shoes (Easter) and if you live in Florida or a tropical climate, white pants are appropriate now… See how great they go together?

8585f8dd39b1f35af64584ca136908ad d0c2da970a18cc125678da2c0ada25db f86540b981b1136450c92290521058f6 9b9cee6223e1916b4d0af45da3e2ced7 f741499ce158e262defe27b8be5010ee

So ready to rock neon? What? Still not convinced? Did someone say put your money where your mouth is? Fine, here you go.

1. Jeans + Neon

photo 1 (4)

2. Black + Neon

photo 5 (2)

3. White + Neon

photo (2)


NYC Nails

When my bestie Meg and I planned our trip, friends and family would frequently ask what we had planned. And the truth is we had really only one thing planned in the weeks going up to our NYC trip: getting our nails done. We both LOVE getting our nails done and it’s an activity we frequently do together as we are both busy and it’s convenient way to meet up. We’ve both always been intrigued by nail art and we thought our trip to the Big City might just be the ticket.

Like the giant nerds we are, we did research. We read articles about the best nail places in the city and had our NYC friends ask around. In the end, we settled on Marie Nails in Soho. We love Soho for the shops, chill atmosphere, and the shops. So it was a perfect fit. After picking the place, we both created boards on Pinterest with ideas! Here’s some that we considered…

9ad1321330dc6ef6da8e9c30f554deb2 b86c794b8e342f8854adb6d90a8d083e 7e5b30793c7b72fe395b6f7fa1a63b2a c78eb223256df80cab310906c8967005 53b0b9d039181c6ddae67fc5fd56d6c1


We had an incredibly difficult time deciding but were both VERY happy with the results!

Take a look:

iphone 22 027 iphone 22 050


#19. Go to the Florida State Fair


I did it! It was AWESOME! Special thanks to my dear friends Jess R. and Meg for joining me on this culinary journey through the state fair. I am so lucky to have friends who are up for anything and always support me as I snap 1000000000 pictures for this blog. So, we really enjoyed the people watching, the varied food choices, and the giraffe! What did we eat? A turkey leg, corn on the cob, cotton candy, sweet tea slushie, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried dill pickles, fried avocado, corn dogs (all of us agreed best we ever had — they were buttermilk corn dogs!), salt water taffy, fried snickers, and red velvet funnel cake. I don’t think I missed anything… whew! What can I say, it was a great day!

Join us for the adventure…

iphone 20 145

The crowds were pretty intense…

iphone 20 148 iphone 20 152 iphone 20 154 iphone 20 157 iphone 20 162 iphone 20 165

Fried pickles and fried avocado… so yummy and delicious. We sat in the grass and watched the paddleboaters. It was very idyllic.

iphone 20 155

iphone 20 178 iphone 20 183 iphone 20 186

That’s a deep fried snickers… Jess was a major fan. I didn’t try to take it away from her– it seemed like it was dangerous.

iphone 20 187

Red velvet funnel cake, yes, that happened.

iphone 20 191 iphone 20 194 iphone 20 210 iphone 20 218

I thought this guy had a handsome profile.

iphone 20 221

EVERYONE was pretty psyched about the giraffe. The three of us were definitely part of that group!

iphone 20 235

Jess really really wanted to pet the zebra. It was the only animal I let her pet. I got a little freaked out around the animals, small children, and my pregnant friend.

iphone 20 237

iphone 20 253 iphone 20 260  iphone 20 271

Why is this not my profile pic on Facebook??

iphone 20 272

Two good looking ladies gnawing on food… like a pair of caveladies.

iphone 20 273 iphone 20 278

The turkey leg was oddly delicious. We couldn’t resist getting one and it was worth it.

iphone 20 284

I am sipping on a sweet tea slushie (in a fun at the fair cup) holding a bag of cotton candy. Basically, I am 10. And I am about to run around screaming until I pass out in a corner. 🙂

iphone 20 286 iphone 20 287 iphone 20 289

It was a beautiful day at the fair and I had a wonderful time with my friends!
#19 is DONE!

iphone 20 270