Anatomy of an Outfit

This time on Anatomy of an Outfit, we talk balance. 

I am forever inspired by all the stylish creative people around me. One such person who kills it is my friend and co-worker, Bridgette. I walked past her and was like “Hold the phone! You are so going to be in my blog!” I have been thinking about doing an Anatomy of an Outfit post for a while and was trying to get something together in my head to make it great but then Bridgette walked in all her fierce glory and it was a sign! So here we go:

What makes a great outfit? BALANCE. That is absolutely the key to wearing any trend or putting together any great outfit. That’s why Coco Chanel’s advice is so clutch:


Want to try a bold pattern? Pair it with a solid.

Interested in a pop of color? Accessories are the way to do it.

Matching accessories make you smile? Don’t overwhelm yourself… shoes + bold necklace = perfect balance; the outfit doesn’t need a bracelet or big earrings as well. That’s too much!

You know what would help? A model rocking a sweet outfit… Check out how Bridgette nailed the art of balance.

photo 1 (17) photo 3 (14) photo 2 (18)

Her outfit was perfect for office because it combines bright colors with the classic navy. She balanced the navy and white print that had that hint of pink with her pink necklace and pumps. She topped the whole look off with a cute side part wave and natural makeup.  Hats off to Bridgette who nailed her outfit and helped with a quick lesson on balance and the anatomy of an outfit! Can’t wait to see what I come upon next! 


Color Inspiration: Coral

Coral is a great color to wear especially during warmer months. I think it’s a flattering color for everyone and it’s really fun with the added benefit of feeling very ladylike. I love to dress with individual style but always having an element of classic style. I think that’s one of the best aspects of putting together a coral outfit – a feminine color with a summery twist.


Here are a bunch of examples of coral done very right — I was really inspired by the black and white with coral (I think my feelings on black and white with anything have been made clear over time!)! These are all ladies from my office who were killing it in coral this week!

photo 2 (17) photo 1 (16) photo (24) photo 3 (13)

And here’s some more creative styling choices…

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Trying something new… Fishtail side braid

Everyone is rocking fishtail side braids! They are flirty and fun and best of all, look best when they are a bit messy!

I know what you are thinking… they are way too advanced for me! I promise that’s just simply not the case. Fishtail braiding is EASIER than french braiding. Would I lie?

As always, Lauren Conrad provides a great tutorial on how to do it…


After you are done with the braid, you should gently tug on the strands to get them even and increase the “un-done” look.

When we went to the On the Run Concert, my friend, Katie, rocked a fierce and flawless side fishtail braid. See what I mean? It took less than five minutes.photo (20)

The next week I saw a whole spread in InStyle magazine talking about the trend. I took a picture of the page and sent it to Katie to show her how hip she was (and didn’t even know it!) photo (21)

Reading that it’s cool in a magazine must make it true. I am all about easy, quick, and stylish looks. And the side fishtail braid has it all!





Fisherman Sweaters – A major “DO”

I love it a good fashion “do.” Fall and winter are all about the chunky sweaters and perhaps none more chunky than the classic cream fisherman sweater. As a Floridian I recognize the hardship that it is trying to wear these sweaters but they look so classically cool that I find myself making it work.


I decided to break down three different ways to wear fisherman sweaters…

1. Baggy with skinnies – Obvi, a favorite!

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2. Layered up.

ba35157e4d26b7cec11f273d7d357a1c bd8b3f81e886649ede98e5d1b4b518ea e47954aa14c71adcdd65e4bc7d33240b0eb497a5a320e8146201bbea01ffcaf0photo 2 (4)

3. Skirted down!

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iphone 23 137

With my plaid midi length skirt, I feel like this look is very Scottish… I tried to take it out of the British Isles with a pair of sassy snub-nosed red heels.

Here are two bonus fisherman sweater looks: All white (you know I love that!) and short and flirty! 🙂

iphone 23 126iphone 23 145