Adventures in the Chic Shorts Life

Irene, are you serious? Shorts show my whole leg. Um, cellulite, anyone? Not to mention, I have a lot of leg to shave. Whining aside, there is nothing better in summer than rocking a classic pair of shorts.


Before we get started, I want to take a minute to talk about shorts and length. Pleats are NOT your friend except for in very specific circumstances. And length, well it’s sort of like Goldilocks… not too short and not too long. My mom rocks the Bermuda short and it works for her – though we have had the conversation before that I think she can and should go shorter — her legs look great, she ought to flaunt them! But Bermuda is only going to work for women who identify as middle age. I tell my friend Hannah who’s barely in her 30s that she should steer clear of Bermuda length shorts.

Speaking of Hannah, I recently helped her update her wardrobe with a trip to one of Naples’ sweet thrift shops. We had so much fun wading through all the cool clothes and to make some pics that budget and environmentally friendly!

She got three pairs of shorts: jean shorts and two fun patterned shorts. There’s nothing more fun for me than styling others so Hannah really indulged me and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcomes.

We started with the jean shorts. Hannah wasn’t wild about tucking in… but I think the shorts were so classic that they paired really well with a short sleeve chambray top and bright scarf and earrings. We put her hair up and out of her face which has two benefits: shows off accessories and keeps her cool!


Next, we kept in casual with the same basics and just switched out the accessories — see how different this look is?


I like this look because it’s laid back and comfortable but the gold sandals and fun necklace make the look polished. It’s crazy easy to copy too! Β I also styled Hannah in a third look in her jean shorts. I wanted to show her how to take a more fall piece — her long sleeve button down — and use it for fall in a fun way. See what we did?


Next we tackled these adorable navy print shorts we picked up for a song! They are a linen blend that are so comfortable and cool! We combined them with her chambray top and a really bold necklace and some fun strappy heels for a fancier look. I thought this look could also rock for the 4th (though I will be doing a separate post about that!).


We dressed those same shorts down a bit and added a bright cardigan (and created another 4th ready look!).


Finally, Hannah and I got these amazing tribal print shorts that were hella comfortable! Hannah liked it untucked and laid back and paired with her new black tank and her latest Rocksbox haul.


I liked it because this outfit because it’s clean and crisp but still with a bit of pizzazz! Finally, my favorite look from the session is what we did with the same top and shorts and just a quick switch of accessories.


I am straight obsessed with this look — the shorts look AMAZING and her top kills with Hannah’s funky wooden necklace. This is the kind of outfit that you can wear in real life but still feel like you’ve got some style going without being fussy or uncomfortable. SIgh, I just LOVE this look!

Here’s a bonus pic of the back of that shirt —


See? Shorts aren’t scary! They are fun and can be such a cool (both temperature and fashion wise) way to dress in the summer.

Don’t rule them out! Have fun with them and enjoy the beautiful summer days!Β 






One thought on “Adventures in the Chic Shorts Life

  1. Love those outfits, and love the length of the shorts! I think I’m sensing a thrift store spree in my near future!

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