Arm Candy!

My friend Meg loves candy and jewelry. So arm candy is probably her dreams come to life. My mom is probably sitting readying this post and thinking: “arm candy? what is she talking about?”

Arm Candy is what is referred to when stylists stack bracelets with or without a watch. It can add dimension, color, or interest to an outfit. Today, I am using my arm candy to help hold together my kelly green and turqouise look.

Here’s my arm candy:

photo (8)

Here’s some examples:

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It couldn’t be easier to put together arm candy. The best rule of thumb is to stick with one type of metal — gold, silver, and rose gold. Then just have fun with it!!! I love to mix Target pieces with Stella and Dot with cool with vintage touches and whimsy. You really can’t go wrong. I love arm candy because it’s bling-tastic with attitude. How can you incorporate arm candy into your look?