Adventures in TIGHTS!

I think I will write this post a thousand times each year and never get less excited about the prospect of tights! It’s time.

photo 2 (44)

My co-worker, Paula, nailed tone on tone tights last week:

photo 1 (41)

I love all the grey with that pop of, well, poppy! She looked so appropriately fall.

Then I saw this beauty walking to her car after work.

photo 1 (52)

Irina is untouchable in the swagger department. I think she wears the animal print with total pizazz! I also love Irina’s creative shoe combo with tights. Are you ready to try something like this?

Finally, no one knows better how to brave the cold and rock tights than my Indiana squeeze, Maria. Maria does tights right with cool shades and patterns — and doesn’t she look fierce in her raspberry sweater dress?

photo 3 (40)

photo 2 (58) photo 1 (55)

It’s time, tight lovers! Go forth and wear tights!



Adventures in Street Style

You have been killing it lately. (Mom, in this context “killing” is a positive thing.)
Seriously, I have seen some pretty fierce creatures in my daily adventures. So I thought I would show you what I mean here on my platform of choice — a blog my friends (usually) and my mom (sometimes) reads.
So first up:
I stopped by my old law school today and ran into this divine creature showing you how to rock black and white and keep it fierce in the office.

photo 2 (56)

Joann mixed a small dot pattern with her b/w striped blouse. I love the way the black beaded necklace adds polish and a bit of shine to the outfit. Joann went all out with sassy hair to complete outfit.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, my cousin (and my Gainesville blog correspondent) nailed this easy, breezy fall plaid outfit. I am particularly enamored with the combo of boots and the plaid… this is like lumberjack chic for ladies (I think I can safely make the comparison since I also have the exact same boots and always wear them with plaid. Just call me Paul Bunyan.)

photo 1 (54)

Next, my friend and fellow blogger, Hannah showed us how to keep it casual and plaid. She won a gift card to Old Navy and asked for some guidance on how to spend her windfall. Knowing Hannah as I do, I tried to focus on multiple use items and keep it simple, classic, and toddler-friendly. Here’s a blog post she wrote about her experience:

Hannah pulled together this fabulous casual look with her new plaid. Plaid really is an effortless answer to chic fall style.

photo 5 photo 2 (57) photo 3 (39) photo 4 (29)

Finally, there was this lady. I have been to Gainesville tons of times with my aunt and bestie, Hilary. She rocks the orange and blue in subtle (and sometimes less subtle ways). This one of her best looks for fall. I love the Old Navy scarf that pulls it all together. From her boots to hater-blockers, this outfit wins about as hard as the Gators did on Saturday.

photo (15)

And that concludes this issue of Street Style. Go forth and be fabulous.


Adventures in Parks and Recreation!

My 30 Before 30 list becomes a bigger elephant in the room as we get closer and closer to my birthday! So here I am with three months to go.


Thankfully, my friends and family have been incredibly supportive in helping me accomplish the many goals of my list. One of my favorite things on the list has been #15. Visit at least 3 state and national parks. Well I have killed #15 between hiking with my brother and adventures with my friends. (You might remember my NC adventure in the rain: https://adventuresinpolkadots.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/adventures-in-the-rainy-wilderness/)

This weekend, my cousin Erica took her mother and one of my favorite aunts and me to Devil Millhopper Geological State Park in Gainesville.

photo 1 (40) photo 5 (19)


The weather was perfect for an outside adventure. We had so much fun! We loved the crisp fall air, the beautiful woods, and really cool sinkhole that has now become a pretty neat geological feature. Don’t worry we took tons of photos…

photo 4 (23) photo 4 (22)

photo 1 (38) photo 2 (41)  photo 2 (42) photo 3 (29)


There were soooo many stairs down to the sinkhole…

photo 1 (39)

Then there was the time that I started teasing my Aunt Hilary about her posing and I basically turned our adventure into America’s Next Top Model.

photo 2 (43) photo 3 (30) photo 4 (24) photo 3 (28)

We may be goofy but we always have a great time together! I would wholeheartedly recommend this park to anyone! It was a blast and I can’t wait to go back!

photo (35)


Adventures in Rocking Plaid!

One of the safest bets during the cooler months is PLAID. You cannot mess it up. There are tons of ways to style plaid. They range from grunge to ladylike and everything in between. You can be intense or you can be chill about it. The bottom line is just do it! Experiment. Have fun. But wear plaid. You say you aren’t sure how to wear plaid? Let me help! Here are different plaid pieces styled well.

Plaid Shirt

A pair of jeans or a black skirt plus a plaid shirt and BAM — Fall outfit created. Add some booties, leopard print shoes, or gold jewelry to elevate your game.

Plaid Skirt

Keep it simple. Pair the plaid with chambray or black. It’s a classic look for a reason.

Plaid Jackets or Pants 

These items really take an outfit to the next level. The best part is that it is SUPER easy. You just take a plain shirt and pair it. Is your mind blown yet?

Plaid Dress 

For the brave out there, take plaid to the next level. Use bold patterns and be creative like these ladies.