Toughest Critic? Me.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, my harshest critic is me. I never satisfy that voice in my head that says you can do better, look better, be better. That’s not all bad. I mean it’s certainly motivating. I was at a wedding shower last weekend, and was feeling socially awkward. Imagine my inner monologue: Should I sit there? Is my blouse too wrinkled? I am soooo single at these things. Getting married is a little scary, am I 12? I am looking awkward, do people think I am weird? I turned to my dear friend Joann and was like “I am so uncomfortable as a guest at these things” and Paige jumped in and was like “Why? Everyone here likes you.” And in my head I wonder “do they?” and “why?” As usual Paige knows best. Sometimes its good to take a break from your inner monologue and listen to your friends and family. (Let’s face it. It’s always a good idea.) I know that I need to work on being confident. I am loud and outgoing, which many people mistake for confidence. This is one of my favorite quotes. It gives me strength.




We have to face our insecurities head on and it’s ok to get help from your friends. My friend Hannah told me today that I am current and cool for being interested in celebrity gossip and fashion and not dorky and shallow as I feared. It’s wonderful to have friends who have your back every day — on the good and bad days.

One of my things I do to build confidence and inspiration is to surround myself with positive energy — cool or thought-provoking quotes, pictures of those that I love, and of course my lovable tiny companion, Oscar! My job is very serious and frankly depressing ALL THE TIME so it’s great for me to have the positivity and encouragement from my surroundings and always from my friends. I guess I am really blessed in that way. I think I’ll make it my goal to work on helping my friends feel supported and positive — maybe you’ll do the same?

Here’s a glimpse of my desk at work:


Obviously, I am also really into visual stimulation.

Here’s a bunch of my favorite inspiration quotes to get you moving in the positive direction as well.

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Pink is powerful. (And fun!)

I was in court the other day, patiently waiting my turn (ok, surfing Pinterest in the jury box) and the judge started asking where I was. I was rocking a bright pink dress with matching hot pink accessories and lipstick (you’ll see it later in the post) and sitting in the middle of the room. When I raised my hand and said “Judge, I am here,” he did a double take. The power from my pink was undeniable. I felt like Elle Woods in the end of Legally Blonde.

download (7)

(Of course, the judge was complimentary of my outfit, I wasn’t dressed ridiculously — she’s not even wearing a blazer! — and I am not blonde.) The point of this weird tangent-laden story is that there is a lot of confidence to be mined from wearing an awesome pink ensemble. Here’s some truly fabulous looks…

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Hair Evolution… The Saga Continues

Many of you know about the great pixie debacle of 2013. Now that it’s 2014, I thought it might be time to once again see how far we’ve come and attempt to inspire by showing how much you can do without drastically changing your hair. I love trying new things and now that I am growing out my hair, I have to be MUCH more creative. But never you fear, I am up to the challenge! Maybe my ingenuity will inspire one of you to break out of your rut (yes, Mom, that was addressed to you.)

In the beginning there was the pixie…

418916_590288231052_1267154541_n (1)

Brace yourselves… quick tangent, here are a series of pics which show the evolution of hair that Meg and I have taken together since we reunited at the beginning of law school. It’s crazy to think about it… and this is just a sampling…

207256_504054084911_3021_n 34048_546174095900_3752455_n 29265_730291063744_6072516_n

418822_547982731551_10092189_n 15055_582286037451_365752529_n 579344_584820548271_1940089750_n 227415_585342557161_2052995537_n


Crazy, huh?

But, I digress….

Here is one hair cut, one color… 10 different ways. Be inspired to try something different. Not everything works, but we can’t know until we try!

photo 4 (22)

1. Twisted and pulled bag… It’s mind boggling how easy it was.

iphone photos 7 035

2. Straightened and brushed back with a headband. It’s a classic, lady-like style.

photo 1 (40)

3. Wavy centerpart!

iphoto 12 067

4. Deep part, super slick, and straightened. I felt very cool all day.

iphoto 12 074 iphoto 12 073

5. Pulled up and back with three buns… It’s amazing what you can do with the help of a couple of bobby pins.

iphoto 12 063

6. Wavy with a side part and a fierce headband.

iphone 9 017

7. Tight curls and bangs…

iphone 9 015

8. Wavy bangs and pulled back…

iphone 9 051

9. One side pulled back for a little mystery…

iphoto 12 037

10. Top knot. Yep. It’s back world. Celebrate good times, people who read my blog, because the top knot is BACK.

I am inspired to get creative each and every day. You never know what might happen when I get inspired! I wonder where the next edition of Hair Evolution will take us!


A walk on the WILD side.

You know what’s missing from every day fashion? More zanny accessories.

Good news. I am here to help.

Ok, wild and crazy accessories aren’t for everyone but they can be a lot of fun. It’s easy to add them to a favorite outfit to up the ante. I am a big fan of statement bracelets and headbands with attitude.

I got a sweet spiked headband I got for Christmas. I also have a nice studded clip I have added to the rotation as well. Check it out!

iphoto 12 063 image (20)

Here’s a bunch of inspirational pieces that might inspire you to liven up your look with some loud accessories.

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Happy Monday!

I thought for today’s post I would do a roll call of things that are making me happy this rainy Monday!

1. Taylor Swift’s Grammy look from last night! She looked incredible in Gucci.



2. My cousin, Erica, and her friends rocking black and blue and looking fierce!
iphoto 12 084

3. Rose gold nails. What? It’s a fun way to rock the rose gold trend and I think it looks great against a variety of skin tones!

photo 2 (45)

4. Polka Dots on Polka Dots. (Or as I will now refer to it polka dots

iphoto 12 036


5. Winter Capes! My friend, Maria, is thinking about a cape! I love a good cape! A stylish alternative to coats — count me in!





Color Inspiration – Turquoise!

Some colors just do ALL the work. That is not a complaint — it’s a shout of celebration. I really feel like turquoise is one of those colors. I think it works for everyone — it’s bright without being neon AND it can be really classic. It’s really the perfect color for work and play too. It’s really perfect.

My bestie gave me fierce Kate Spade earrings and matching nail polish!

iphone 13 035

So I put together an outfit that made the new earrings and nail polish work. I got lots of compliments on this easy breezy outfit — gotta love that turquoise.

iphone 13 031

PS: This outfit also featured a sweet sweater I got from my parents for Christmas! Nothing like adding those Christmas presents into your wardrobe!

Here’s some other great looks with turquoise to inspire you too!

2d4333727829d2b137fb93c7f4b97e4a80a7d971814e8c96e6b45549916e8254 8d30a14d550bf376baa7d07dfc74483e 1fa420199ff635493c6d860451ddbac0 d0c177326f28e64987fc422001618e87 a33b9066a14e6b8f80f6a43209d0f404 39c6e4a034654dcada95212d966317e2 ecbfe9d4d93eef74d741e819bd6a784f e95c57e2aa81abd559af2f6c061f59e2 Oscar De La Renta Pre Fall 2011 Collection 626a7d149ca3dba89a8a3ab299397e12 8e829958f2df21774a1e6610b71d77c3 f7674f103a87f6ce0d21161b0ecf1f85 5d7e98808abe9f5d8382c470f33c0676 32151340e8783813e0488aa1826c5c6d


Ready for something different…

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I need a break from the same look… so I try new things (and then blog about them).

I was watching The Mindy Project last night and was inspired to try a look from Mindy herself!

article-2299742-18CD482A000005DC-489_306x423 52207ba3-9070-44de-9257-f394e260ae1c_MindyProject-TheDesert_scene34_0215 images (9) pole-of-oppression-mindy-square-w352 mindy-project-danny-mind-top
She rocks some fantastic eye makeup and in the winter finale she had some fierce purple eye shadow and when I was getting ready this morning it really resonated with me. Obviously, our skin color and overall coloring are absolutely similar. JK, of course, so I had to modify a little but I still think it’s fantastic! I did a modified cat eye with a purple eye and I LOVED how it turned out. It’s fun to try something new because you never know how things will work out!

See what I mean? Also, get ready for more of this purple eye!

iphone 13 024 iphone 13 021 iphone 13 028 iphone 13 029 iphone 13 027