Adventures in Giving the Cold Shoulder!?!

Adventures in Giving the Cold Shoulder!

Ok, it’s not what you think. Summer is here. (I mean just walk outside and “summer” will hit you like a slap to the face.) Off the shoulder and “cold shoulder” looks are really having a moment. I think it’s the convergence of fashion — a 70s lean — and comfort — exposed skin keeps us cool. There are really two kinds of styles I am talking about in this post… one is the classic off the shoulder and then one is the latest incarnation of a sort of peak-a-boo cold should look… See the difference?

Everywhere I look, I have being seeing shoulders making their fashionable debut. Here’s my friend Megan killing it in the peak-a-boo version:

Not sure how to make cold shoulder look work for you? Your girl Irene is here to clear the path.

Keep it simple. It’s constantly my advice with style — especially when you are trying something new. Since these bare shoulder tops have a flowing vibe combine them with clean lines of skinny jeans and chill accessories.

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If you are after a more fitted cold shoulder look, try something like this…


I like a clean and fitted look when the shoulder baring top is more fitted. There’s something elegant and very Grace Kelly about that look for me. Check out this international babe, chilling in Berlin, showing us how to wear cold shoulder like a boss:


Maria is spot on with simple jewelry and pulled back hair… it really draws the eye to her shoulders and makes her look so elegant. It’s a great way to be cool for summer and to also maintain some serious style cool.

Interested in having a bit more fun with cold shoulders? Stick with me! Pair it with patterns, bold accessories, or the of the moment denim — distressed jeans. I wouldn’t take it to far into the 70s with bell bottoms like you might be tempted. You don’t want to look like you are going to a 70s costume party.


I think the peak-a-boo cold shoulder is a great transition piece for people not wanting to go full bare shoulders. It’s also a really cool summer alternative for people with “shy” arms. πŸ™‚

Here’s one of my favorites! I get tons of compliments when I wear it.


How would you make this trend your own?Β 


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