Latest Obsession: Coconut Oil

Seriously, I feel like you can’t spit without seeing something that touts the advantages of coconut oil!

Not that I am going around spitting… but I am always intrigued by (and frankly susceptible to) new and creative beauty regiments.

For example, check out this list from Buzzfeed (the king of list-making!).


Or these ideas from Pinterest…

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These people are right. Coconut oil is MONEY. I love it. I have started using it for a variety of beauty needs. Now, Northerners with all that cold, listen up, coconut oil makes an awesome moisturizer. Just spread it on your body (face, hair — anywhere) and let the magic happen. I used it with Epsom salt to shave and I got the softest legs ever and my shave lasted two days more. But I am getting ahead of myself, here are some of the ways that I have tried and really believe can make a difference for you.

I decided to try my hand at the joy of coconut oil. I did a coconut oil deep conditioning hair treatment… I got the idea from this blog: http://made2style.com/2013/02/18/coconut-oil-hair-mask/


Here’s the in progress look…

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I also did a face mask and then a soaked my face in coconut oil to prevent it from drying out.

How scary do I look?

I didn’t stop with my face and hair, I also made this sweet coconut oil scrub and tried it out on my legs and arms…



I had previously used coconut oil in my lip scrub and fallen in love too. In addition, for super cold climates, I read about putting it on your skin before you take a shower it helps prevent the water from drying you out.

In the end of the day, this has been one of the most economical and versatile products I ever bought and I got it at the grocery store! Best of all, I’ve been getting compliments on my skin.

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Mask party!

My friend Jess came into town this weekend and we got to get some real quality girl time in. We had a very elaborate schedule of eating, shopping, nails, and pampering…

We tried out some fun face masks. Face masks have basically been my obsession for the last couple of weeks. I keep trying different ones on for size and seeing what the benefits for skin might be. It’s been fun but I think the truth is that drinking more water, hydrating my skin, and NOT touching my face helped the most.

Here’s a glimpse into our mask adventure:
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Ladies of leisure…

Ladies, let’s just admit it. It’s a fantasy to sit around in front of an elaborate vanity and to apply makeup at our leisure. In my mind, I am using a giant powder puff like I used to find in my mom’s drawers as a kid. What completes the image is a beautiful silk robe! There is a trend to provide them to your bridesmaids as a favor but also a practical solution to what to wear while working on hair and makeup. Others believe that there is a place for silk robes in day wear. I have to admit to being on the fence a bit but I can imagine a few choice situations where it might just be magical.

As a bonus Friday post, I am including all examples of all of the above… bridesmaids, ladies of leisure, hippies rocking day robes, and my lifelong friend MLT in her very own Betsy Johnson silk robe that she uses every day. Oh to be glamorous!



Ladies of Leisure:


I have been obsessed with that striped one for ages. I think it’s amazing…

This is probably my favorite of the two day outfits.

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Celebrities of course (really the fictional characters of Holly and Blair)



Real people: MLT





Happy Friday!



Inspired by Pinterest

If you have been reading my blog the last couple of weeks, you have probably seen me reference Pinterest. I do not really know what I did with my life before Pinterest and I don’t know that I care. One of my favorite things to do with Pinterest is to draw inspiration for my own fashion, hair and makeup. My supervisor jokes that she can usually guess what I am going to be wearing the next day by my Pinterest feed. Last night, if she’d been watching she would have seen this:


Her makeup and hair look really inspired me to try my own version. My hair is pretty short so I couldn’t fully re-create the look… not to mention I am not a model! But I did have fun with the heavy cateye! (Taking my own advice!)

image (26) image (25) image (27)

Not to mention my striped lemon t-shirt — spoiler alert — lemon is coming!!! 🙂

How’d I do?