Lemon Love.

I have been obsessed with lemon all summer long. I find myself wearing more and more lemon. Today is particularly bad: lemon striped shirt, lemon nails, fun necklace with lemon stones, lemon capped flats, and a tropical print skirt.

Now, I live in Florida so we don’t get to wear tropical prints ironically — only sincerely so I generally stay away from them but this once, I made an exception and I have to say it’s one of my favorite items in my closet.

photo (15) image (29) image (26) image (30) image (31)





Here are some other lemon items I love:

image (23) image (24)

Obvi, I am a bit of a Kate Spade junkie.

The purse was a congratulations present to myself from when I got promoted and I got the yellow pumps on my last trip to NYC with MRW. We are going back in February (you will hear all about it for sure!) and they always make me think of taxi cabs. I love the striped heals!


Here’s some creative lemon combos:

Jessica Alba looks great in this cobalt blue and yellow outfit. <3 For tips and advice on #trends and #fashion, Visit www.makeupbymisscee.comBlue and yellow outfit

yellow outfitYellow outfit + printed sweater

orange and yellow outfitBlake Lively e Leighton Meester sul set New Yorkese della stagione 4 di Gossip Girl, il 17 Agosto 2010


And last but not least, my mom rocking a lemon and grey combo!

IMG_8359 (1)


The whole point is to be inspired to try bold combos. You don’t have to jump in the deep end with me, you can also ease in with an outfit like my mom’s.




Inspired by Pinterest

If you have been reading my blog the last couple of weeks, you have probably seen me reference Pinterest. I do not really know what I did with my life before Pinterest and I don’t know that I care. One of my favorite things to do with Pinterest is to draw inspiration for my own fashion, hair and makeup. My supervisor jokes that she can usually guess what I am going to be wearing the next day by my Pinterest feed. Last night, if she’d been watching she would have seen this:


Her makeup and hair look really inspired me to try my own version. My hair is pretty short so I couldn’t fully re-create the look… not to mention I am not a model! But I did have fun with the heavy cateye! (Taking my own advice!)

image (26) image (25) image (27)

Not to mention my striped lemon t-shirt — spoiler alert — lemon is coming!!! ūüôā

How’d I do?


Something to ponder.

M left my office to go “work.” About 15 minutes passed and I got an alert that she had sent me a pin on Pinterest. Pinterest is our crack, a relaxing oasis in our world of stress, serious consequences, and the sometimes dry, practice of law.

This pin I think is particularly on point for my blog so I thought I’d post it.



I agree with that sentiment 100%.

photo (14)



Blog Obsession Tuesdays!

I have recently started following the blog Real Girl Glam. I like it because it does what we all need which is take on trend concepts and apply it regular folk. She also encourages people to send in pics of themselves to show how real girls style different things like peplums, leopard prints, or bold lips.


Hot or Not: Birkenstocks Are Back


Today’s post is about the re-emergence of Birkenstocks. As a Birkenstock lover, I have been watching the trend with interest! Who’d of thought they’d be cool? But her post today made it seem like it was fate that I should I talk about her blog during today’s post.

So enjoy! Happy Tuesday!


Five Minute Fashion Update

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but this week is DRAGGING for me. I need a Starbucks trip like I need to win the lottery (read desperately!).¬†

Today’s post is designed to wake up your fashion!¬†

1) Cat Eye 

Try a new eye liner silhouette. My mom does her eye makeup the same EVERY day. Her attitude if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I disagree. Eye makeup is the perfect place to try new things.¬†

I suggest a cat eye. It doesn’t have to be an homage to Amy Winehouse. It can be subtle and sweet! ¬†Here are some prime examples:¬†

Black and White Cat Eye #zappos


From one of my fav blogs, the beauty department: 


Or you can get a bit wild with….

Today's look - Hey baby won't you look my way?  I can be your new addiction.  Linda Hallberg - makeup artist

2. Floral Clutches

Summer isn’t over so toss a floral clutch with your end of summer outfit to give it some lovin’.

Check out this one from J.Crew:

J.Crew - Liberty minaudire in floral eve


Floral clutches

It’s a fun and safe way to pattern clash if you are not ready to go all in…

floral + clutch

(Above) This is a great one for transitioning into Fall and Winter and totally easy to use with a LBD.

My girl S got this one! Isn’t it awesome? She rocks it with a bright orange T, skinnies and flats. It’s casual cool and it’s fun!

3. Metallic nails

I think they are crazy neutral. My bestie, MRW, always matches the metals on her outfit and purse. I tell her that’s a bit intense for me. But if you want to go her route you can also match up your nails. I love metallics because they are sassy but neutral. Give them a chance and feel just a little sassier as you type your emails or drive to work!¬†

Metallic Nails


I like this one because the metallics are neutral! 

Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Platinum

Then there’s loud and proud!¬†

And mixed metal…

Metallic nails #celebstylewed #bridal #nuptials

Feel free to combine all three! I always feel better when I feel like I look together. Give these little fashion updates a chance and see what happens! 


Home Sweet Home: Flea Market Chic

This is the first in my series of posts addressing interior decorating or as I like to refer to it extreme home NESTING!

I am very excited to begin with this first house. Our story takes place in Athens, Georgia in a shotgun house near UGA where my beloved cousin, C, is beginning grad school for Social Work. C is the coolest. She has so much style. She loves vintage and tacky and strange things. When mixes them together, she creates this amazingly unique voice. From her clothes to her house, her unique voice shines through.

Here’s a face to put with the girl.


Let’s check out her house:

IMG_0544 (1)


And then there’s the kitchen.



Her living room…



She’s particularly proud of the sofa, which she purchased from for $50. I love her use of color. The brights paired with the neutrals. Vintage luggage is gaining momentum as a feature for decorating. C is on it!

photo (13)


Love the fireplace. I love her choice here with the painting. It’s bold without being a bold color. Best of all, it speaks to C. That’s exactly what art is supposed to do. Speak!

IMG_0543 (1)


Who’s this peeking out?? Chiquita, her darling — if neurotic —¬†chihuahua. I think she makes the room.




C found the rocking chair on the SIDE OF THE ROAD. She painted it that amazing color — neon orange red! That sweet pillow is made from old T-shirts of MINE from college.

C is also really into sewing these days (I am about to learn myself… future post alert!) and she got this dress form for $30 and it just happened to be her size! Fate can be amazing sometimes.

Next her bedroom…



I like the simplicity of the decorating in here. I am not one for going too crazy in the bedroom. It should be a restful zen place.

I found C’s new place to be very inspiring. All her creative use of color and found objects! Her style epitomizes what I consider flea market chic. That involves a lot of creative and dual use of objects, bright colors, vintage patterns and furniture that comes together to somehow create cohesive theme. It’s not easy. I think you have to have a very strong sense of personal style and self to pull it off. C has both of things in spades .


Friday Jeansday!

Happy Friday, people of the interweb. Every Friday I walk around singing either out loud or in my head: Friday, Friday, Friday… (Yes, that song will never die!)


In my office, support staff can wear jeans on Friday but not attorneys. It makes a jean-loving girl such as myself a smidge bitter. I walk around in work clothes surronded by people in jeans.

To show my objection, I push the envelope with a jean shirt paired with a suit skirt. I still get to wear my denim! ¬†And, since it’s Friday, and that means no court, I get pretty creative. Today’s theme: Accessory-mania!

Starting with…

image (18)

That’s right, a zebra ring. What? You don’t have a zebra cocktail ring? That’s so weird. I bought this when I was shopping for accessories with one of my lifetime besties, MLT. ¬†I saw it and I knew it belonged on my hand. To her credit, MLT did not miss a beat. She agreed. And I have been wearing it ever since. What better way to celebrate Jeansday than with my zebra ring.

Next, a sassy hair clip!

image (22)

And double necklaces because one isn’t enough!

image (17)

And, leopard print shoes!!

image (21)

A bold eye… with my (at this point signature) dark red lips…

image (16) image (19)

Combine it to create the perfect TGIF outfit!

photo (12)

Jeansday. You cannot beat me!

Brace yourselves, next week we do interior design….