Adventures in Tired Hair!

So I was texting with my friend Meg today and she lamented that since she missed her latest hair appointment that she would need to get creative with her hair to keep it going until December when her appointment is scheduled. She asked if I could do a blog post with creative ideas for her. I said OF COURSE! And thus this blog post was born.

Now whether you are growing out your hair, on a schedule that doesn’t allow for a lot of curling and whatnot, or trying to make it through an awkward hair color, these looks that I have collected are all about looking polished with different amounts of effort. I think each of these looks could help you over your personal hair hurdle. Let me know if you have other ideas as well.

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Adventures in that Pop of Pink!

images (1)
I know I have been posting more and more about fall fashion and the truth is while it is a little cooler here, it’s not exactly brisk. If you are struggling to really get in the spirit, try this tip — a pop of pink. A nice pop of pink can be the best way to keep an outfit feeling bright and light but when paired with patterns or darker colors can feel more fall-like.

The challenge is always to feel like I am changing my look towards fall but still keeping it practical since I live in such a hot and humid place. I was really inspired to take more classic fall looks and pair them with a pop of pink. It seemed like the perfect blend of summer and fall clothes! My friend Hannah reminded me how hard it can be and hopefully thinking like this… pairing slightly more fall looks with the brightness of summer will inspire her as well!

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Adventures in Hair Extensions?

Ok, I have to admit that I am pretty skeptical when it comes to extensions. Nice ones are hella expensive and though I have hated short hair, I have never been able to truly justify the expense. Then my friend Laura decided to try these new ones called Hot Heads. (check them out at hotheadshairwear.com)

Laura said they were much more affordable and don’t damage the hair you’ve got — a double win in my book!

They look pretty great! Here’s a pic of her before and after:

photo 3 (26)

And another shot from the side… Looks pretty amazing!

photo 2 (39)

Laura was pretty happy with how they turned out — here she is with her hair stylist.

photo 1 (36)

It’s going to be exciting to see how she styles her new suddenly longer hair! And, it makes a girl start thinking about hair extensions….

What do you think about hair extensions? A good investment?


Adventures in Beauty Boxes!

In the last year or so, boxes — beauty, craft, pet, gourmet food, you name it — have become a very in vogue bandwagon. I have to confess that I was all about it when they started becoming popular! A present mailed to you that’s a surprise. Surprise presents are the ONLY kind of surprises I like. I am well known for HATING surprises but presents? That’s a totally different story. If you combine my (totally normal) love of presents with beauty products, I am completely hooked. I am always in pursuit of the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty products. I believe in the magic of science and love to experiment. So signing up for Birchbox — the original as far as I am concerned — was a no-brainer. I loved it. First things first, you fill out a questionnaire of your beauty needs. Just deciding on what color hair to go with was a challenge. But I enjoyed trying to anticipate where their questions would take my beauty selections. This questionnaire process is consistent throughout my beauty box experience.

For the purposes of this post, I have picked three to talk about but there are LOTS of choices.

Here they are: Birchbox, Ipsy, and FabFitFun.

iphone 42 072 iphone 42 133 iphone 42 134

I was inspired to write this post because I was starting to feel jaded by my Birchbox. It got tired of receiving face moisturizer after face moisturizer. As someone with sensitive acne prone skin, I do not change up my skin routine because I know the importance of being consistent and doing what works. In a fit of pique over receiving ANOTHER moisturizer, I signed up for Ipsy. It guaranteed a bag every month and it seemed on par with Birchbox. Then, because my legendary lack of self control when it comes to online shopping, I went ahead and ordered FabFitFun. Birchbox and Ipsy are monthly while FabFitFun is quarterly (and of course MORE expensive). The real added benefit of FabFitFun is it is A LOT bigger and comes with full size products. When it comes to packaging, Birchbox slays the competitors and Ipsy is an embarrassment. Variety and quality are slayed by FabFitFun with the downside you only get four a year.

At the end of the day, a beauty box is a total indulgence. If you are trying to decide on one, I would try out the Birchbox. It is way better than Ipsy and it’s a nice way to dip your toe into the shallow end of the pool. If you are feeling like going big, take a chance on FabFitFun.

The best thing about these boxes is comparing what your friends get when they arrive. My co-workers and I love comparing notes and sometimes trading items when we covet each other’s beauty finds.

Beauty boxes are a fun and relatively cheap indulgence. I totally recommend the experience.


Adventures in Fall Fashion – Vests Edition

Who doesn’t love a good vest? I got this sweet vest in the clearance section of Old Navy years ago. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of my neutral colored, corduroy vest. On of my favorite fall trend is the tendency to lean towards menswear. I put this outfit together to celebrate and showcase my beloved vest!

annie hall

I paired it with my jade skinnies and light chambray shirt.

annie hall 4annie hall 3



With the added fun of my tan Cynthia Rowley oxfords.

annie hall 2

And “crowned” the look with a braided crown and mustache earrings!

Sometimes it’s fun to have FUN with your outfits and be a little cheeky! I think this outfit definitely fits within my “sassy and scholastic” fall look.

Here are some other vest inspired outfits! They just scream fall!


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Adventures in Styling!

When anyone asks me if I will go shopping with them to help them round out their wardrobe, they always ask me like it’s a favor from me. But the truth is I LOVE IT! I love dressing other people. There are few things in this world that make me happier than putting together the outfit of a friend and making them fabulous. That’s why my birthday tradition with my bestie Jess is really a gift to ME and her. I started buying her birthday outfit years ago and it’s a tradition we’ve kept up now that we do not live close together. Every year, I buy her a bunch of dresses and bring them to her to try on. I have been shopping with her and for her for so long that I know how to dress Jess’s body pretty well and I can eyeball a dress and know whether or not it’s going to fit. This year I brought seven dresses with me and ALL OF THEM FIT! She ended up keeping three — one was a truly fab find, an adorable Betsy Johnson for a song.

iphone 42 153

Jess decided to wear the fun navy and white stripe Jessica Simpson and then we had the best time accessorizing it.

iphone 42 152iphone 42 148

She tried on different shoes and once that decision was made, we went to Charming Charlies to complete the look.

 iphone 42 151

 She even let me do her hair (and pick her nail polish color) — which I did in a fantastic fishtail crown. You can see it in all it’s glory when she blew out her candle!

image (4)

She looked beautiful and we had a blast putting together her look! It was a happy birthday for everyone!

iphone 42 147

Jess’s mom took us out to a fabulous dinner in Naples and we had a fabulous time – Jess, her hubby Tyler, Mom Linda, and Me!

Here are some bonus pics from the night!

photo 1 (35) image (5)image (2)photo 2 (38)image (3)



Adventures in Escaping Your Hair Rut!

Are you stuck in a hair rut? Feel like it always looks the same? Bored? That’s my MO. I have a terrible tendency to suddenly and drastically fall out of love with my hair — often over night. I go from loving the color to being totally over it. Or from being really creative with styling it different ways to doing the same pulled back with a barrette over and over. After being sick for a whole week, I felt like my hair didn’t know how to do anything but be in a braid. I came back to work this week with a fire in mind to try new things and to have fun. So I did! I thought as a post to get me back into the swing of things I would show you my range of hair for the week!

Straight and smooth:

photo (34)

It’s a classic for a reason. Straight and smooth — simply blow dry straight and straighten where it needs a little help — is actually quick. It looks neat all day and has a nice classic vibe to it.

Next, I did Hermione hair:



photo 1 (37)


I was actually inspired by Gwen Stefani’s look on the Voice (see below) but then decided to take it to the next level — the Hermione level of curl.



Then sticking with the curl theme, I did super curly bangs with a braid crown.


photo 2 (40)

This one was a pretty whimsical look and it got me a surprising number of compliments.

Finally, I finished the week with the quickest (I had early court) hair a girl can do — the top knot. I deconstructed it a bit to make it fun and am jazzed with the results.

photo 3 (27)

With your hair, it’s no challenge to be creative – you can be inspired by just about anything. It’s great to be back and to be up to my usual shenanigans!