Adventures in Staying Cool for the Summer!

Hi Guys. There’s no avoiding it, it’s hot out there! Look I live in Florida and this summer has been a serious scorcher. Most mornings we start in the 90s and the humidity? Don’t get me started! So I have started getting creative with ways to stay cool. It’s also true that there are some summer classics you can’t forget when dressing for the summer.

First let’s talk about my go-to summer beauty and style moves!

1.  Summer is the time to experiment with up-dos.


That’s right, folks, bobby pins are your friend. I spend summer rotating through the full catalog of topknots, braids, and french twists. The theme? The hair off of my neck and away from my face. With the humidity where it’s been lately, my buns have really taken a messy, free spirited vibe because basically my hair is BANANAS when it’s being constantly misted when I walk outside. This is my patented summer look:

2. Switch up your make up routine! 


It’s a similar idea from when you add or adjust makeup during the cooler months. It’s also a good time for inventory — check those expiration dates… makeup is germ carrier so it’s good to clean up our standbys every so often. I have switched to a more cream based makeup routine because I find that it reacts better to the increased moisture in the air (and my sweat!). I find that if I stick to my more mineral powder routine, I get chalky results or sweat just destroys my hard work. (Of course, by hard work, I mean sitting at a red light applying makeup, hoping I am not too terribly late to work… Spoiler, I am ALWAYS late.) Keep your makeup easy, fresh, and neutral. Then you can be sure it survives the heat.

This is my actual makeup bag that I carry in my purse because I am always putting on makeup and touching up on the go. I am a big fan of mixing cheaper makeup with fancier stuff. I am also a huge believer in sun block. I believe science supports me on this topic. Wear it.

3.  Now is the time for COLOR. 


Guys, I am serious. Pull out all of your neon, your yellows, turquoises, and everyone’s favorite hot pink. It’s time. Pair it with white or pair them with each other and go nuts. I am a huge fan of pairing really bright colors together and just enjoy them bounce off each other. Neon pink and bright turquoise can be friends!

4. Be bold with patterns and accessories!


Summer is a great time to bust out fun patterns and novelty accessories. You know like giant gold palm tree earrings! I know you’ve got a sweet vintage basket purse (one of THE accessories of the season) or a colorful scarf or giant flamingo earrings. Pull them out of the back of your closet and wear them. You are reading this and thinking “but how????” Have no fear. If you are nervous, pair them with classic white. White pants and a white shirt with a bold accessory and you are in a timeless fashionable place. If you are feeling braver, amp up the pattern or color with your accessory and I guarantee you will get positive feedback from your circle of friends who will enjoy your outfit as much as you!


Go forth and conquer summer! 

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