Adventures in Lilly For Target!


So, that madness that was Lilly For Target has passed. I am using past tense deliberately because I feel like there was a 48 hour period when people were going absolutely BANANAS for Lilly for Target. (Ok, I was part of the craze.) I have never been all that in to Lilly mostly because her clothes have never been available in my size — can you say plus size snub? I love color and pattern so when Lilly for Target announced a plus size line, I was intrigued. And then of course, immediately bitter because the line was only available online. Plus size shopping is pretty great today but I can remember as a teen feeling just so unbelievably depressed about my options. I remember being so stressed out about prom and formal dress shopping because the options were so basic or boring for plus size ladies. My mom was always so creative with helping me customize dresses to add pizzazz but not everyone has a mom like mine.

But I digress… this Lilly for Target opportunity has really added a fun dimension to my spring wardrobe (and for my friends too!). Check out some the pieces:

IMG_8440 ca5ca3ea49f5e18f38727ae763ce71dae8fb9a372a82b89a09e2794d552f9578IMG_84418037c457e10afa0127ccde31514f687a

IMG_8443    IMG_8442


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