Adventures in Dirty Hair?

Is that really the title of this blog post? YES.


(This hair is second day hair — DIRTY HAIR!)

So it turns out that washing your hair all the time isn’t that good for your hair. I have a ton of friends who wash their hair only a few times a week and then there’s a whole camp of people who wash everyday. I am a pretty outspoken member of the second camp. I LOVE having clean hair. I also love taking showers. I always have. I enjoy showering and being clean and having a clean start to the day. Then why talk about dirty hair?

Like I said, it’s actually better for your hair to wash it less. It dries your hair out! If you are like me and going for peak healthy hair (because you are growing your hair out after a haircut you no longer love — that’s right the dreaded pixie of 2013), washing it less is a good first step.

For some people, it is easy because their hair isn’t that oily. For the rest of us, we need tricks. LOTS OF TRICKS.

Here are three easy ones:

1. Plan ahead. I find that if I wash my hair and then wear it up (ponytail or top knot), sleep on it, and then  the next day wear it down – curled or whatever, it does pretty well. Sometimes, I flip days. I do have to use dry shampoo (see number 2).

2. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo soaks up the oil and leaves your hair fresh and clean. It turns out that for the longest time I was using dry shampoo all wrong. I would spray it, see my hair turn white, and freak out and brush it out. Well, obviously don’t freak out. Experts suggest lifting your hair away from the scalp and spraying from a bit of a distance. A good tip is to let it sit for a second, let the dry shampoo get to soaking up that oil. Then blend it with your fingers either by patting or running your fingers gently through your hair. Finally brush your hair, style, and go. (Best tip ever? Suave makes a legit dry shampoo so don’t blow all your money with a fancy salon brand!)

3. The braid is your secret weapon. My hair braids better (the oils hold the braid better) when my hair is a little bit dirty. In general it pays to be a little creative with your hair when it’s dirty. Don’t forget my favorite — the TOP KNOT! Here are some ideas:

f229a558e964eedb07d7b2aa91ed9477 IMG_5718d03d366433b236a22bb02f6bbd49fda6 f6aee7c09530963325f8361ea3348718 7e047442b181384615f9e47b1956960c ecc68eceab1f30f4426ed14438d3cb8d934bf4094a238ae47c0b9b2f06f0360e0ad76faca52b4c947268dc09b64d87c6 b2a8239833fab4ff5b1eef59dfd9868f

 I have been gradually washing my hair less — I try to go with dirty hair at least twice a week. Take it easy and try to change your routine gradually (that’s the best advice in general) and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with the outcome of healthier hair.

Are you ready to wash your hair less?

Join the dirty hair rebellion!


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