Adventures in LISTS!

I am huge believer in lists. 

You might be thinking “Huh, Irene? That’s pretty obvious” or “Is this really your first post after a couple of months hiatus?” But I stand by my lists.

How do you get everything you need at the grocery store? LISTS.

How do you get all your work done? LISTS.

Christmas shopping? LISTS.

Plan parties? LISTS.

Pack the right clothes for a trip? LISTS.


I thought of this post after I hosted my mom’s 60th birthday party in January. My brother and I got tons of positive feed back on the party and we had a blast. The most common remark was “How did you guys do all this?” Well, you guessed it — LISTS.


I started with a menu (a list of sorts) and then made separate lists of where I was going shopping and what I needed. I took the list with me.


Then I made timelines of when I would make the foods (a list of timing).


We used the heck out of those lists. And the best thing about lists is that it makes it harder to forget things — and you get to check things off of the list. That feeling is amazing. I am also a big believer in the power of post it notes as reminders and as quick and easy labels. After my mom’s party, when we had so many people and made so much food, people asked how I did it. I think you know the answer… LISTS (and my brother helped).

When you are struggling with a project or a desk full of work, sit down and write a list. It’s amazing how much more in control you feel with that simple step.

And there you have it… lists my secret to success.


Now I can check this post off of the list!


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