Adventures in Getting Back Into Blogging…

I don’t know what happened but around the 1st of the year I really hit a blogging wall. I had posts planned but I couldn’t get excited about them. And then before I knew it, months had passed.

I blamed lack of inspiration, general exhaustion (work has been tough), and just old fashion ennui. But I think the truth is that I spent weeks thinking about how much better “Irene 2015” would be. She’d be healthier, more organized, more fiscally responsible, and just more on top of things. So in typical me fashion instead of living up to my own hype, I just kind of let it ALLLLLLL go — including my blog.

But that ends today. I am back. I thought for my first post back, I would spend some time talking about general plans for future blogging.


Spring is here and that means:
PRINTS. Tiny prints…. fun prints… maybe even florals…
Sorry, Miranda.


So look for future posts about prints!
And, creative hair solutions… experiments in washing your hair less… and color and change when is the right time (hint soon!).

I am also going to be doing a series on shoes — not just fashionable ones but ones that we can actually wear and be fabulous AND do our jobs.

I am also open to other posts so if you have style questions or thoughts, throw them at me and I will be sure to address them in my blog, which reads 50% blog and 50% personal journal. ๐Ÿ™‚


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