Adventures in Kimono Jackets!

I love a dramatic chiffon jacket/kimono/duster. Add fringe and my smile just gets bigger.

My friend Megan loaned me a beautiful kimono jacket from Asos. I love it! It’s absolutely the most fun to wear! Especially when the fringe gets caught on EVERYTHING. You might remember that I have borrowed it before…


I was getting dressed this am and just couldn’t go to work in a boring black dress. I needed more flair.

So I started with this…..


And ended up like this!


I got a lot of super positive feedback! Paige said I looked like “Mae West.” I can’t be sure but I think she almost definitely meant as it a compliment. Day 10,002 of refusing to dress like a stuffy lawyer = mission accomplished!

Be brave. Try kimono jacks. They can be such fun! Besides everyone’s inner hippy needs a chance to be let loose every now and then!

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