Adventures in Golden Globe Fashion

I try to stay positive when I write posts after awards shows. Who am I to be tearing down other people’s work?! And what’s more I love awards shows. I live for the season! For me, it’s the ultimate fantasy — dresses galore, stylists working hard, and stars shining bright. But the dresses seriously did not deliver last night and the stylists… I dream of being one and so I will rein in my impulse to be super harsh seemed to be phoning it in. So many low buns and messy down hair… so many ill-fit gowns… such boring makeup. Very few women looked really put together and sharp.

For me, the cast of Into the Woods was by far the best dressed. It does help that they have the benefit of some serious red carpet experience between them. Meryl Streep is obviously no stranger but Emily Blunt and even Anna Kendrick have at least a couple of years of serious red carpet experience and it showed. Even the guys in their crew looked sharp — a classic tux never disappoints for either John Krasinski or James Corden.

72nd-annual-golden-globe-awards-arrivals-1 Anna-Kendrick-2015-Golden-Globes-1421025187 download

I also really enjoyed Anna Faris’s look — her hair was actually styled her makeup lovely. I really felt like more than just her dress sparkled. Her man-ccessorie didn’t hurt either! 🙂 Her co-star Allison Janney pulled off one of the better red looks of the night.

download (1)download (3)

As always the sparkle was in… I enjoyed these ladies in their varying shades of grey sparkle. But I can’t really say I died for any of their looks.


Kate Beckinsale is probably my favorite in this group because she looks the most polished and has the most cohesive look. I really like Julianne Moore’s dress for example but it looks like she just brushed her hair and called it a day — the same for Dakota Johnson.

The truth is people who I think are generally dependable didn’t really deliver last night. But then there were people who just completely missed the boat.

I divide them into three categories… (I will try to be gentle.)

1. Ill-fit

download (2) images

2. Weird, unattractive dress

54b31b9598f2d00004acbe4a_golden-globes-2015-lupita-nyongoimages (1)

3. Wrong decade (trying too hard)

images (2)  jennifer-lopez

The Golden Globes telecast itself was awesome! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler owned the room. And, for once, the speeches weren’t boring or uncomfortable. Truthfully, content-wise it was one of the best Globes ever. Nevertheless, the style was not exactly awe-inspiring. It’s only the beginning of the season so it is my hope that the stars and their stylists will figure out their mistakes and improve as the season continues!


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