2015 Resolutions


I love New Year’s. I am an old sap but I love the idea of the year starting fresh. I have never been a big one for resolutions and my reasons are twofold — first, I am not wild about the fact that more often than not, they are all about things you can’t do (i.e. eat carbs, shop (can’t stop/won’t stop)) and secondly, I never follow through so I set myself up for disappointment.

Nevertheless, as 2014 draws to a close and I look back at the year. I do think there are things I would like to do better in 2015. That’s why this year my resolutions are my “do better list.”

In 2015, I plan to do better with:

1. Being present with my friends and family.Β I need to unplug and listen and really make an effort to be there for them.

2. Healthy living.Β It’s time. I am hitting 30 and if I have a shot at getting into the swing of healthy living — it’s now or never.

3. Soul-searching for my calling.Β I have come to realize in the last couple of months that I am not in love with being a lawyer and I’d like to find a calling I can be in love with and pursue it.

4. SAVING. My great idea to move in with my roomie has been great — my money stress was almost completely eliminated but I haven’t done much saving but all that is going to change in 2015.

5. Loving myself. We are always are toughest critics. I struggle constantly with feeling like I am enough and opening myself up to new relationships. I want to be as confident and free inside as I project outside.


That’s not too much, right?

It’s 2015 today. It’s a new day, a new year, and it’s going to be great.


I wish you a happy a New Year filled with glitter, polka dots, loved ones, and JOY!


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