Adventures in What To Wear On NYE!


It’s sparkle time. If you haven’t already planned out your outfit for tonight, don’t worry. I have some tips for how to shop in your own closet and have fun with an outfit for tonight!

Now, I have to admit that I did the styling for this post from my friend Megan’s closet and she has a LOT of fun accessories and sparkly items.

In fact, I went to her house wearing skinnies, a baseball T, and flats. I came out wearing THIS:


So the first thing to remember in a pinch is that an LBD will NEVER let you down. Dust off your favorite little black dress and toss that puppy on… all you need to do now is add some sparkle. Either pile on jewelry — layering is your friend — or add those fun shoes you’ve had in your closet but have been working up to wearing.

Β IMG_3267

Next, be bold. If there was ever an occasion to try new things and step outside the box, it’s tonight — NYE. For this look, I talked Megan into rocking her fierce leopard print silk PJs. I think she kills it and makes them bold and sassy! Great for a party or a night in — it’s up to you!


Finally, when it doubt just pile on the sparkle. Do you have a shirt with sequins on it? Put that on! Do you have anything else with sparkles? Put that on too. Catch my drift? You can always ground the outfit with a black coat (or a wild coat) or sweet black booties.


Most importantly have fun. A smile is and always will be the best accessory for any person on NYE.

It’s ok to stay home and watch movies with your besties or your love and it’s equally ok to hit the town. Whatever you do — have fun and celebrate 2014 because 2015 is coming and it’s going to be great!


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