Adventures in… Getting Organized for 2015

I get a lot inspiration from other blogs and my favorite websites. Today was no exception! I read this great post today on The Beauty Department…


It totally inspired to take some time to get my make up organized. I usually keep in piles and not only does it not look great, it’s not highly functional. But all of that changed today, when I stopped at Target (thanks for tip The Beauty Department). I picked up this great tray for less than $20. It revolutionized my whole make up world.
See what I mean:

Even Oscar approved…

IMG_3170  IMG_3169

I am also thinking of trying some other 2015 organizational projects… But this little five minute project put such a smile on my face and I bet a new smile will pop up there tomorrow morning when I am getting ready for work and all of my make up is super organized. What kinds of small projects can you do to make a strong start to the new year. For me (a lesson I learned from my mom), the challenge is always to keep control of the mess. I love little projects I can take on to keep things neat and organized.

Here comes 2015, it’s time to get ready!


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