Adventures in the Dallas Arboretum!

Life doesn’t get much better than a crisp fall day and cherished friends. As my love letter to Texas and my friends there continues… I hope you don’t mind if I spend some time waxing poetic about the beautiful things I saw. On my last day in Dallas, Sue took me to the most magical place: the Dallas Arboretum. I really enjoyed my special time with Sue.

iphone 45 203

When we got there, it was perfect — a crisp breeze and bright, warm sun.  We got to see the best of two worlds — the pumpkin displays and the 12 Days of Christmas Gazebos.

iphone 45 204 iphone 45 205 iphone 45 206  iphone 45 211

Then we got to have lunch with Lynnsey and Amelia — they came from their offices. It made me really realize that we are grown ups with jobs and serious clothes (well, no serious clothes for me).

iphone 45 234iphone 45 212

Why, yes, Lynnsey is holding a Texas shaped cookie that Sue and I made in the morning while they were at work. You see why my time with Sue was so magical — she let me bake and listened to my ramblings.

Now, for these next pictures, try not to hate me.

iphone 45 214 iphone 45 216 iphone 45 218 iphone 45 220 iphone 45 222  iphone 45 228 iphone 45 231 iphone 45 232

Wasn’t it beautiful? Words really fail me. I was so glad I could share the day with Sue, who told me the names of the plants and answered alllllll of my questions. I tend to be a bit of a four year old when it comes to nature. You know “why does it grow here?” “how does it work when the plants die?” “speaking of dying, how do you keep plants alive again?” She was amazing — she is a Master Gardener after all. She even taught me how to make a terrarium and gave me a bunch of the required fillings (don’t worry a post is forthcoming!).

iphone 45 226

I think that might have been my favorite day.

Sadly, this is my final post in my series of love letters from my trip to Texas. It was a wonderful trip — filled with new experiences and, best of all, cherished friends! I hope to return soon!


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