Adventures in DIY Wreaths

Anyone catch the Christmas episode of The Mindy Project? There was a hilarious moment when Mindy defends her “Wreath Witherspoon.”


A holiday wreath made of pictures of… Reese Witherspoon. It took off and was even featured on the Today show this am. Don’t believe me? Check out this article:
My friend Laura texted me about them this am and then we discussed at our division holiday party and decided that we needed a Wreath Witherspoon and a A-Wreath-a Franklin for the office. (We also discussed a Keanu Wreath.)

So while I sat on a conference call today, I worked on these beauties…

photo 1 (43)

And her they are individually…

A-Wreath-a Franklin!

photo 2 (46)

And Wreath Witherspoon…

A-Wreath-a made it to Laura’s office door. And Reese, well, she’s in a place of honor in the midst of my office holiday decor.

See what I mean?

photo (42)


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