Adventures in Stitch Fix!


There are some really creative people out there. My friend Paige discovered this service called Stitch Fix. It’s basically a personal shopping service. It’s really cool. The way it works is (for a fee), they send you clothes that they believe comply with your answers to a questionnaire regarding fit and style. You try the clothes on and if you like them — buy them! And they subtract your fee from the cost of the clothes.

I have to admit, when Paige first told me about it, I was pretty skeptical. How cute can the clothes be? And will they be good quality? (And shhhh, don’t tell Paige) Paige has very high expectations and a clear view of what she likes and dislikes (not unlike yours truly). It makes shopping for us VERY difficult.

When the package came I was pleasantly surprised! Paige was able to explain her need for easy access nursing tops and they clearly put good thought into it. They even told her how to style the individual pieces. They were individually a little expensive but you got a discount if you bought the whole package and I think the convenience and well-thought out selections really helped even the scales in the face of the slightly higher costs.

Here’s what they sent Paige:
photo 3 (31)

I didn’t love the drappy black sweater but I think it was because of the two tones… I think it’s a great piece if it’s all black or grey and it was very snuggly.

photo 4 (26)

This plum dolman top was nice but I think a little long for Paige. I did really like the shade of purple — I just think at almost $50 it was a bit expensive.

photo 1 (42)

I loved this bright purple shirt. It looked so sharp with the great black jeggings they sent. Paige wasn’t sold on the length. But we agreed the style and functionality was spot on!

photo 2 (45)

This was probably our shared favorite top. It is really soft and figure flattering. I also think that it transitions really effortlessly between work and play. Not to mention, it features easy access for Paige’s nugget, Parker.
When it comes to deciding what to get, Paige is leaning towards this last outfit. It’s not necessarily the cheapest but it scores major points in flattering her figure, comfort, and convenience. Paige is interested to see how they do when she sends back stuff and provides feedback. And I am too! It’s really a cool idea. (I did remind Paige that she is friends with me and that I could do this same service live and in person. 🙂 So who knows what will happen in the future.) We were both so glad it turned out to be a positive experience — with fit and style. It could have easily gone the other way. So for now, remain cautiously optimistic about the Stitch Fix and look forward to further adventures!


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