Adventures in 30 Before 30: #3 Ride a Motorcycle!


Well, I did it! I rode a motorcycle! Ahhhh! But I am getting ahead of myself. How did I come to find my mother’s precious baby on the back of a man’s motorcycle? Hahaha. If you will allow a brief tangent, I will tell you how.

iphone 45 197

One of the most heart-warming things about the pursuit of my 30 Before 30 list has been how all in my friends and family have been. I am sure you will recall my trip to Raleigh, which involved some serious checking things off the list. Well, it was the same when I landed in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I had been in Texas for more than hour before Sue and Amelia were already brainstorming things on my list we could accomplish. It makes me feel so supported and encouraged — especially as the countdown clock ’til my birthday gets closer and closer.

Amelia had the idea to talk to Lynnsey and Brent (Lynnsey is my other fabulous Sweet Briar friend who lives in Dallas! That’s why visiting is the BEST — it’s two for one!) about riding Brent’s motorcycle. Apparently, Brooks (Amelia’s husband) had discovered Brent’s motorcycle the last time he was at the house getting beer from the garage fridge. Since Brent is the sweetest, coolest guy, we were optimistic that he would agree!

And… he did! He was tickled that we asked and graciously agreed. He said that we should stop by on our way home from Fort Worth — I am sure you remember how much fun we had in Fort Worth! So we did!

The rest is magic and cold, crisp air in your face. I’ll admit I was nervous. If I am truly honest, I am a bit of a control freak and definitely a closet worrier so it was quite a leap of faith to hop on the back of this giant motorcycle.

iphone 45 200

But Brent is just such a gentleman. I knew he would take care of me — keep me safe and make sure I had fun! Lynnsey helped me get a helmet on my giant head (not an easy task!) and then we were off!

iphone 45 199

What was it like? It was AMAZING! I asked Brent on the way home how long he thought I need to save up for a motorcycle. I loved the speed and the freedom. It was very disconcerting at first to feel so exposed but after I get used to it, I relished in the experience. I don’t know when I would have let go and enjoyed that new experience if it weren’t for my 30 Before 30 list. At least, that’s one thing I can check off the list. Now, I just need to research motorcycle classes! 😉

I wasn’t the only precious baby who let the control needs go for a bit. Amelia tried it out too. I think you can tell from her face how nervous/excited she was!


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