Adventures in Treating Yourself


Some days I fantasize the entire way home about moving away and starting a new job. It doesn’t what you do, you are bound to have rough days. And this time of year, everything is more complicated. It’s a special time. There’s magic in the air and it seems to me that everything is magnified this time of year. The joys are joyous and the hurts, well really hurt. I see it on the faces of my clients as they struggle to be “normal” year round — but especially at the holidays.

When I feel my spirit start to flag, I try to take a moment to press pause and catch my breath. We all have ways we cope with low spirits. One of my favorite tricks is to get a mani/pedi. I go to this salon near my house where they know me by name and poopoo over my dry cuticles (“you deal with too much paperwork, it’s drying out your hands”) and always seem to know when I have had a bad day because I get an extra long massage of my hands, feet, and back. I leave feeling refreshed and lathargic — but also cared for — even if it is by relative strangers. The next step on my road to relaxation is a hot shower and fresh clean jammies. I think if you know anything about me, you know I have a deep affection for jammies.

We are all trying to do so much. I think sometimes it’s important to press pause and take a moment to collect ourselves. It’s what I refer to as treating myself.



Here are 3 foolproof ways to rejuvenate yourself:

1. Hot Bubble Bath


It’s a classic for a reason. Light some candles, play some sort music, and soak those muscles. Try to just sit and think and imagine — don’t make lists in your head! 😉

2. Make a cup of hot coco (or whatever makes your inner child smile) and watch an old movie. (Obviously in your jammies.)


I think doing things that touch on our inner child help us disconnect from the stress of every day life. I also think that old movies tend to awaken our imaginations and encourage whimsy.

3. Take a walk.


Guys, I am not reinventing the wheel here. I am just saying by taking a walk around your neighborhood or by the water if you can get to it (that’s the best!) will give you time for distance from your problems and a refreshing few minutes of movement and fresh air.

In the end, it’s up to you to identify what makes your heart and mind take a break. Maybe you need jammies and coloring books or scrap-booking with chocolate milk. Whatever floats your boat, try to find it and hold on just for a minute. Happy Hump Day!


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