Adventures in Katniss Boots

image (10)

Yep, you read that title correctly. I recently bought a pair of brown lace up boots to wear for Halloween when I dressed as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. I believe I hinted in my post about halloween costumes ( that I would be dressing up as Katniss.

image (4)

I was a little skeptical as to how much I would actually wear the boots. And then I started wearing them all the time. I have always nursed a healthy disdain for brown items — clothes, shoes, purses. But with the purchase of these Target specials, my world has opened up. I have been using and loving a brown Kate Spade for weeks now. These boots were such a hit that my mom got a pair and so did my aunt and cousin! We all wore them for Thanksgiving. So in this picture, you get the boots styled FOUR ways.

photo (41)

These brown boots have been on so many adventures with me — Georgia, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and today, they made it to the office!

image (6)

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write a post about how to style these boots.

Here’s some ideas:
1. Don’t be afraid to pair them black!
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2. They can be a great partner to color in a fall/winter outfit.

0b25698451b7a811fa9eefa3ab762de9 c601a1765867d3c2fad92b794c1972b8 77b9a5dae03febf12f37ad5f90e6ca2d

3. They are great with dresses. I think they give the whole look a slightly softer, more laid back look.


4. When in doubt, you know they work with jeans…

f377f736efa93b1e673435bcc7d83f9d fad28600b4b98ac5e304b732930bc0d05f51c4f5d3964da6db28289a024a2497

5. Don’t forget plaid. You can never go wrong pairing these boots with plaid!

65bb281317272eb497280822822d8aa2 8a2facc20f9b2627dc71193353ab5542 c1f83c3a0c00a71272b9c532fc2a6557

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