Adventures in Fort Worth!

Because I have the BEST friends in the world, every moment of my trip to Texas was incredible. One of my favorite experiences was our day trip to Fort Worth.

iphone 45 130

The day couldn’t have started out better — we had cake for breakfast! Well, it was Amelia’s actual birthday. THEN, the best and funniest thing happened. (Excuse my brief tangent) When I was finished getting ready, I walked out into the living room where Brooks was waiting. He took one look at me and started chuckling. We were both wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. Then Amelia walked out — also our twin. And Sue didn’t miss the memo.

image (30)

And so this is the story of the time our whole group wore our plaid shirts with pride… like a lumberjack posse. The area around the historic stockyards feels like stepping back into a paperback western.

iphone 45 131 iphone 45 187iphone 45 192

We had the most beautiful weather. We met a cowboy with an incredible mustache and he let Amelia pet his horse. Of course, Sue had a cozy chat with him — she’s the best, never met a stranger.

iphone 45 134 iphone 45 140 iphone 45 145

Then we got to see the cattle drive. It was pretty cool. I kind of went full tourist and demanded that I get my very own sheriff’s badge. So while we were in the visitor center, Brooks (my knight in shining armor) waited and got me a star of my own but was sure to correct my social gaffe since my prize was a Marshall’s star. I LOVED it.


After the cattle drive, we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s. It is apparently THE place to go to eat in Fort Worth. In fact, at Amelia’s party the night before, person after person asked if we were going there when I mentioned we were going to Ft. Worth the next day.

image (29)

The weather was glorious so there was a bit of a wait. But that’s ok, we made do with a PITCHER of margaritas in the line.

iphone 45 201

Needless to say our spirits were high and our steps a bit unsteady when we finally made into the courtyard that is Joe T. Garcia’s. We rounded the corner when it was time to seat us and it was like entering a little slice of heaven.

iphone 45 158 iphone 45 175iphone 45 159 iphone 45 160 iphone 45 163

We were serenaded by a Mariachi group and it was just the best!

It was one of those magical meals where the food, company, and setting couldn’t have been more perfect! (Not in order of importance, of course.)

We snapped some hilarious shots…

iphone 45 184iphone 45 173 iphone 45 171iphone 45 174

I particularly enjoyed this story from Brooks while waiving his knife! Then Amelia and I figured out that we were bootie twins…

iphone 45 185

What a wonderful day! I don’t know when I have laughed more…

iphone 45 156

That wasn’t the end of our adventure… but you will just have to stay tuned for the next blog post.

(Hint: It involves motorcycles! And helmets, Mom!)

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