Adventures in Using Shopular!


My beloved friend and fellow blogger, Hannah, posted this post about shopping apps a while ago.

I have to be pretty ruthless about what apps I use on my phone because of space issues but on Hannah’s advice I downloaded and started using it.  And, because Hannah has never steered me wrong, the app is amazing! I had my very first experience with the app and it was awesome. I went to Old Navy for a little pre-Thanksgiving trip shopping trip. They were having ok sales and I really liked this beautiful mint sweater and coordinating necklace but it was not a great price. Then I remembered the app and I checked it out and BAM!

photo 3 (41)

There was a 30% coupon for Old Navy!

Because of that instant savings, I got a couple of other things… an adorable oxford with glasses, a short sleeve chambray shirt, my new mint sweater, and my sassy new necklace!

photo 1 (56)

I have already worn most of the items and am obsessed. See what I mean?

photo 2 (59)

I am totally a shopular convert! Hannah never leads me astray! The more savings I find the more exciting new fashion coming your way! 🙂 (I am also saving money too, Mom, I promise.)

If you have questions about how to use the app, check out Hannah’s post. She explains it great and even gives good tips! She’s the BEST!


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