Adventures in Marsala???


Well, Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2015. You’ll recall my heartfelt campaign for cobalt last year and the disappointment that was radiant orchid. (I did a series of posts if you don’t recall.)

The last is my campaign for cobalt that apparently fell on deaf ears. We still have 2016, old friend!
So anyway, the color they have chosen for 2015 is Marsala. (As I am writing this post, my face is a mask of warring petulant facial expressions — eye rolls and lifted eyebrows fighting for center stage on my face.)

Marsala? What the heck is that? From what they have produced, Pantone seems to think that is a muted scarlet color. 


(Another giant eye roll v. eyebrow raise)

But then I started doing some looking into the color… it’s not so bad…

55ba768593465d0f67998b54df8f1a813a2d2c5f9280beea807ea963b15b0ece  3afb6fa4f78946658cdb901b7b3dcecf 6973eb53a3b5785a23433d61736ee05a


Now if you choose to interpret it as a slighter darker and richer shade — which I will be — it’s a magical color. Check these out:

23053da0c843c413ef8e550f47b77fce 35353a5692c3b3fc10119fdaa77aaf96 a8311d770af62395afb4dc129d934552 441569abe5cafe1f29fd6ed4af07ce00 0bd2cf7b7f56e68354fba5f071e2ecfe9a95bc0aa72afd1afe596b1a178cba7b bba3e046f682223dd99c87070bffede624ac5b372ec25abd3b2628abee7b63d3 1407b941a952164af62f19593a1d5214 192df63a9cbac8a3fb444f323d8526c6  a6bae63f85a037677a93796330aa55de 987da1c44ed78157858951a1f78a5576 b9c6ea4442f735497a98d204a91eafbc  39239cf55ce3766fc1c526469ab009e4  330db472ad30f0a90f10518b56d14f84  a71073791838a81c72347a65001e3b50660154ca444d21dbaf33c61c782f58210f352980050ead970fb341899a3f8cb5


(that last one made me think of you, Maria)

I may be partial but I quite like my personal interpretation of marsala. I think it will be interesting to see how the color plays out with time. For now, a shortcut style tip is to follow the same rules as I suggested for oxblood last fall.

The colors are very similar and so the same rules apply. I can’t wait to see what comes out with this new color of 2015.




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