Adventures in Giving Back!

My friend Megan invited me to join her and her friends for an evening of wine, pie (both pizza and sweet variety), and to put together boxes to send to children in need all over the world to spread the magic and joy of Christmas. As one does in such a situation, I said YES! I really didn’t know what to expect. Megan’s world gathered together and had a lovely time listening to Christmas carols and putting together shoeboxes filled with Christmas magic. We were part of It was really the first thing I did to usher in the Christmas season and it was the perfect beginning.

We started with tables filled with toys and hygiene products and empty boxes…

iphone 45 006

We definitely had fun putting things together.

iphone 45 007iphone 45 016

I had so much fun just decorating the boxes!

iphone 45 039iphone 45 040

We even put pictures of ourselves in the boxes so the recipients would know just who packed them with love!

iphone 45 014

Wrapping the boxes was an adventure all in itself!

iphone 45 011

Check out the finished product:

iphone 45 038iphone 45 042

It was a really fun night and best of all we got to make someone else’s day! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to usher in the Christmas spirit! I think I will make it my goal to think as much about creative ways to give back this season!

image (28)




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