Adventures in Friendsgiving!

For the last several years, my friends (the family I’ve chosen) have gathered together to celebrate our own “Friendsgiving.” It’s one of my favorite traditions. We all make our favorite Thanksgiving dishes, gather together, enjoy each other’s company, and chow down.

Here’s some Friendsgiving memories:


I loved how serious we all were about getting the food ready.



Well, some of us were serious…

Check out the spread!

1919309_513771206721_7982005_n  1919309_513771306521_4996492_n  1919309_513771236661_5476983_n1919309_513771316501_6336388_n

A lot has changed since our carefree (ok super stressful) law school days. This year was our first year with babies and I have to say they were a blast too.

Here’s a glimpse into our Friendsgiving. (We didn’t take too many pictures — there was too much food to worry over…)

iphone 45 055

iphone 45 060

Victoria got her hands on Connor who was on his very best behavior in his very best plaid fall look!

iphone 45 051

Logan was already planning on what he would eat at his first Friendsgiving… kidding of course!

iphone 45 056

We did manage to capture the desserts!

What kinds of Thanksgiving traditions does your family carry on year to year? 


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