Adventures in Rocking Plaid!

One of the safest bets during the cooler months is PLAID. You cannot mess it up. There are tons of ways to style plaid. They range from grunge to ladylike and everything in between. You can be intense or you can be chill about it. The bottom line is just do it! Experiment. Have fun. But wear plaid. You say you aren’t sure how to wear plaid? Let me help! Here are different plaid pieces styled well.

Plaid Shirt

A pair of jeans or a black skirt plus a plaid shirt and BAM — Fall outfit created. Add some booties, leopard print shoes, or gold jewelry to elevate your game.

Plaid Skirt

Keep it simple. Pair the plaid with chambray or black. It’s a classic look for a reason.

Plaid Jackets or Pants 

These items really take an outfit to the next level. The best part is that it is SUPER easy. You just take a plain shirt and pair it. Is your mind blown yet?

Plaid Dress 

For the brave out there, take plaid to the next level. Use bold patterns and be creative like these ladies.

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