Adventures in Hair Extensions?

Ok, I have to admit that I am pretty skeptical when it comes to extensions. Nice ones are hella expensive and though I have hated short hair, I have never been able to truly justify the expense. Then my friend Laura decided to try these new ones called Hot Heads. (check them out at

Laura said they were much more affordable and don’t damage the hair you’ve got — a double win in my book!

They look pretty great! Here’s a pic of her before and after:

photo 3 (26)

And another shot from the side… Looks pretty amazing!

photo 2 (39)

Laura was pretty happy with how they turned out — here she is with her hair stylist.

photo 1 (36)

It’s going to be exciting to see how she styles her new suddenly longer hair! And, it makes a girl start thinking about hair extensions….

What do you think about hair extensions? A good investment?

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