Adventures in Beauty Boxes!

In the last year or so, boxes — beauty, craft, pet, gourmet food, you name it — have become a very in vogue bandwagon. I have to confess that I was all about it when they started becoming popular! A present mailed to you that’s a surprise. Surprise presents are the ONLY kind of surprises I like. I am well known for HATING surprises but presents? That’s a totally different story. If you combine my (totally normal) love of presents with beauty products, I am completely hooked. I am always in pursuit of the latest and greatest when it comes to beauty products. I believe in the magic of science and love to experiment. So signing up for Birchbox — the original as far as I am concerned — was a no-brainer. I loved it. First things first, you fill out a questionnaire of your beauty needs. Just deciding on what color hair to go with was a challenge. But I enjoyed trying to anticipate where their questions would take my beauty selections. This questionnaire process is consistent throughout my beauty box experience.

For the purposes of this post, I have picked three to talk about but there are LOTS of choices.

Here they are: Birchbox, Ipsy, and FabFitFun.

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I was inspired to write this post because I was starting to feel jaded by my Birchbox. It got tired of receiving face moisturizer after face moisturizer. As someone with sensitive acne prone skin, I do not change up my skin routine because I know the importance of being consistent and doing what works. In a fit of pique over receiving ANOTHER moisturizer, I signed up for Ipsy. It guaranteed a bag every month and it seemed on par with Birchbox. Then, because my legendary lack of self control when it comes to online shopping, I went ahead and ordered FabFitFun. Birchbox and Ipsy are monthly while FabFitFun is quarterly (and of course MORE expensive). The real added benefit of FabFitFun is it is A LOT bigger and comes with full size products. When it comes to packaging, Birchbox slays the competitors and Ipsy is an embarrassment. Variety and quality are slayed by FabFitFun with the downside you only get four a year.

At the end of the day, a beauty box is a total indulgence. If you are trying to decide on one, I would try out the Birchbox. It is way better than Ipsy and it’s a nice way to dip your toe into the shallow end of the pool. If you are feeling like going big, take a chance on FabFitFun.

The best thing about these boxes is comparing what your friends get when they arrive. My co-workers and I love comparing notes and sometimes trading items when we covet each other’s beauty finds.

Beauty boxes are a fun and relatively cheap indulgence. I totally recommend the experience.

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