Adventures in Styling!

When anyone asks me if I will go shopping with them to help them round out their wardrobe, they always ask me like it’s a favor from me. But the truth is I LOVE IT! I love dressing other people. There are few things in this world that make me happier than putting together the outfit of a friend and making them fabulous. That’s why my birthday tradition with my bestie Jess is really a gift to ME and her. I started buying her birthday outfit years ago and it’s a tradition we’ve kept up now that we do not live close together. Every year, I buy her a bunch of dresses and bring them to her to try on. I have been shopping with her and for her for so long that I know how to dress Jess’s body pretty well and I can eyeball a dress and know whether or not it’s going to fit. This year I brought seven dresses with me and ALL OF THEM FIT! She ended up keeping three — one was a truly fab find, an adorable Betsy Johnson for a song.

iphone 42 153

Jess decided to wear the fun navy and white stripe Jessica Simpson and then we had the best time accessorizing it.

iphone 42 152iphone 42 148

She tried on different shoes and once that decision was made, we went to Charming Charlies to complete the look.

 iphone 42 151

 She even let me do her hair (and pick her nail polish color) — which I did in a fantastic fishtail crown. You can see it in all it’s glory when she blew out her candle!

image (4)

She looked beautiful and we had a blast putting together her look! It was a happy birthday for everyone!

iphone 42 147

Jess’s mom took us out to a fabulous dinner in Naples and we had a fabulous time – Jess, her hubby Tyler, Mom Linda, and Me!

Here are some bonus pics from the night!

photo 1 (35) image (5)image (2)photo 2 (38)image (3)



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