Inspired by… Celebrities!

If you follow my blog you know that I have a couple of celebrities who fashion constantly inspires me. I am all about Mindy Kaling (And her alterego Dr. Lahiri, who is probably closest to my personal style), Kate Middleton (because she’s fashion GOLD), Taylor Swift (her vintage and ladylike looks slay me), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meister’s fierce character from Gossip Girl), and Lauren Conrad (No one does classic cool better and I have always been team LC since the Laguna Beach days). I don’t mean to say that I dress exactly like any one of them. I am not exactly known for my California cool look like LC or my future Queen of England coat and dress sets (Duchess Kate!) or darling oxford + sassy animal sweater looks (TSwift) or my prep school re-imaginings (Queen B) but I am inspired to up my game and to try new things by these ladies or always daring of Mindy. I think each of them has a really clear sense of their own style and it shows in every outfit they put together.

050614-mindy-project-lead-594nZVJH9tygTp3UxKpJNxWTgK1Kate-Middleton-2article-2540943-1AB93F8300000578-550_634x881  Blair-s-Style-blair-waldorf-fashion-4003537-1707-2560

When I started thinking about this blog post and how inspired I was by each of these ladies, I decided to challenge some friends to see what kind of outfits they could put together with the same inspiration. They accepted and we had a blast! The first installment is inspired by Mindy Kaling’s alterego: Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

When I think about the clothes Mindy wears, I think bold colors and playful patterns — and of course, BLING! 

db4cfa56de3d4174505d831bfadead89  99013d15b71fb79ac6355b6b75220e37c352d869f7f713745eeef2713eabd42cmindy-baseball-tee

 If I had Mindy’s closet, it would be SUPER dangerous! But here’s our outfits inspired by Mindy:

 meg 5 01353b712576a1b157eacafbd23916c4 photo (33)

We had so much fun playing dress up with our clothes being inspired by fashionistas we see around us. Who inspires you?

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