Adventures with a LBD!

Style experts are always touting the importance of owning a classic LBD (Little Black Dress). I know that the classics, like the LBD, are a classic for a reason. They never get old, they always look sharp, and they are universally flattering. The LBD is pretty much at the forefront of the classic wardrobe conversation. Whenever I help someone work on their closet organization and help them work on their wardrobe, we always try to add a classic LBD because they are never wrong. The work for almost any occaision — work, weddings, date night, or even weekend wear with flats! Needless to say, a clothes junkie like me has tons of LBDs but I just got a new one! I recently have fallen into the clutches of ModCloth. A magical place where I can find adorable dresses that are both work appropriateΒ and sassy. I got this LBD on super sale for $40.

bam bam 2

I was drawn to the Audrey Hepburn classic-ness of the silhouette. I also love that it’s lined and has pockets — my mom would say that pockets and lining are a sure sign of a well-made dress.


I decided to challenge myself to re-style the LBD three different ways with nothing more than what I could find in my office…

bam bam 6bam bam 7

The first look I put together was with my classic red heels:

bam bam 3

With my red blazer, I switched my belt to the outside to add definition in the middle. I think the three-quarter rolled sleeves also go a long way to keep the proportion even. In the end, you can never go wrong with classic red pumps.

Then I had some fun with leopard print:

bam bam 1

This time, I lost the belt, added a sweet turquoise blazer (from Forever 21 — it’s amazing right?), and finished the look with my leopard print heels. Of course, my bam bam hair (just trying something new) totally completed the outfit — especially when you get a good look at my tiny bow:

bam bam 5

Finally, for my edgiest look, I took it to the neon!

bam bam 4

I switched the blazers for a boyfriend sweater and put the belt on top of that. The different texture of the knit sweater on top of the polished dress adds dimension — with the belt keeping it all together. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love fabulous neon accessories on my wrist and feet. (I got those shoes at H&M on clearance. Whenever I wear them, people stop me in the halls of the courthouse to compliment on my shoes! Best purchase ever!)

It’s really too easy to style a black dress… look what I did with just the contents of my office. While I recognize that everyone’s office doesn’t have the shoe wall or a draw full of discarded accessories (sometimes I get hot or they give me headaches!) but you can still take an LBD — I know you have one! — and have fun with it!


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