Anatomy of An Outfit!

It’s fall in the fashion books but I live in Florida, where fall is elusive and summer lasts forever. I have been getting increasingly creative with ways to feel the fall love and also celebrate the crazy warm weather we’ve been having! This week I took one of my favorite new pieces — my scuba, water color peplum from Eloquii — and paired it with a lightweight checked shirt (from the greatest place on Earth, Target). I used bold earrings as pins and added color to the top and finished the look with my favorite vintage-y heels. See what I mean?

slefie 2selife 3selfie 1selfie 5

This outfit really serves as a tutorial on the power of pattern clashing. It’s become a regular staple among fashion bloggers and, of course, no does it better than Mindy. Check out these other ladies doing it right and consider trying it yourself! (Send me the pics!)

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