Adventures in Tea Parties!

For those of you following the blog, you know by now that I am working on my 30 Before 30 List!


#17 Experience High Tea can be checked off the list!

My friend JQ helped me out by indulging me/jumping in wholeheartedly in an afternoon of tea. In our minds, we looked something like this…


 But I think we pulled something more along these lines…


We went to one of my favorite places in Tampa — The Oxford Exchange. It’s a bibliophile paradise! And the home goods are to die for! (Also the food is amazing! Obviously, I am a huge fan!) Check it out:

  tea party 12tea party 10

We had the best time. We wore sweet vintage hats and chatted about Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf while munching on delicious treats and giggling.  Here’s a great view of JQ’s hat — classic daisies!

tea party 5

We took a sweet selfie (in the bathroom)! tea party 7

(It took us a bunch of tries… which I have included in the spirit of journalistic integrity!)

tea party 16tea party 14

I read up on ladylike behaviors: tea party 9

And here were our treats! Complete with homemade scones and macarones!

tea party 2tea party 11

Then posed adorably with our treats and hopeful looks!

 tea party 4tea party 6

Real ladies toast their scones, right?

tea party 3

Thanks for coming along on our tea party! It was a fantastic afternoon and the 30 Before 30 adventures continue…

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