Adventures in Dressing Like a Lady – Midi Skirt Edition

I won’t lie. I love a good pairing of jeans and a t-shirt as much as the next girl. But nothing compares with the joy of wearing a ladylike outfit.


I love that quote from Margaret Thatcher. It is so true! Being ladylike is about how you act – with confidence and composure — and, of course, how you treat others — with dignity and respect. When it comes to ladylike dressing, it’s all about the same ideas — power from elegance and modesty combined with charm and wit. What do I mean by a ladylike outfit? Well, it’s about being polished, coordinated, and modestly dressed. For example, a midi length skirt screams ladylike to me. Midi length skirts have been EVERYWHERE since last Spring and I love it. They are looking like they aren’t going anywhere for Fall either so buckle up for more midi inspired posts! What does “midi” mean? Mid-calf length, it’s all about where the skirt ends. There’s not a lot to styling midi length skirts — it’s easy peasy. Find a skirt you like and then add a top you like! Of course, I am kidding. There’s a vaguely vintage feel to the midi so it’s fun to pair with classic looks (button ups, stripes, polka dots) or be more daring (sequins, crops, scuba, florals). The most important thing is to keep it light on top and bottom — it’s a lot of fabric. And don’t forget to accessorize!

(Petites should be careful with midi length. You HAVE to wear heels if you are going to rock the look. Just a friendly warning!)

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The other added benefit of midi skirts is they are a great transition into fall looks. It’s easy to take a bold color — like a summery neon pink — and pair it with a plaid to make it feel more like fall. Here’s an example of what I mean with my newest hot pink skirt from Eloquii.

iphone 40 touched up 42

My friend (and frequent model), Megan, rocked the best ladylike midi outfit this week!

photo 1 (24)

She paired polka dots (you KNOW I loved that!) with her latest skirt purchase from Eloquii. They have been killing it lately with the midi length skirts and we both have fallen under their spell. Megan kills it with her polka dots, big belt and classic heels. Megan is a champ when it comes to accessorizing. I can’t wait to see her style that emerald skirt for the holiday season (methinks that there might just be a blog post about it!)! Megan thought her outfit was a bit June Cleaver-ish but I thought it was classic and fun! Megan is the queen of styling herself into different characters. It’s something I plan on exploring later this week in a post titled “Adventures in Personal Style” that I hope you will all read and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Dressing Like a Lady – Midi Skirt Edition

  1. I love the bold colors of the midi length skirts that you and Megan rocked! However, I try to avoid looks that bring the focus to my mid-section. Can you rock these skirts with my body type?

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