Adventures in Organization and Crafting…

I think there is nothing more fun and inspirational than setting out to craft something. I love looking at all the supplies and imagining how things will turn out in my head and then seeing them come to be in front of my eyes. The hardest part for me is to keep track of all I have. There is nothing worse than knowing that you have something and not being able to put your hands on it. My cousin, Casey, is an incredibly creative person.

photo 2 (55)

She inspires me with how she lives her life — with total joie de vivre, passion, and an eye for possibilities. You’ve see her funky and fun apartment before…

She recently completed an impressive project that organized her crafting supplies. I asked her to write about it so that she y’all could see what she’s done and be as inspired as me.

photo (1)

So without further ado, here’s Casey:

Imagine these words coming from THIS face –> (The human not the diva dog!)

photo 3 (38)

Crafting organization is in itself creative! Also I worship at the alter of pegboards now. Louis and I have crazy high ceilings and wanted to optimize on our vertical space. And it was easy!

20140815_151037 (1)IMG_20140814_220817

Pegboards are inexpensive and easy to prime and paint. You may need to file out some of the holes but the result is worth the effort. Also pegboard kits aren’t entirely necessary. All I used were long hooks that we got from a hardware store that used them to display merchandise. You can make shelves, hang baskets, and create ribbon dispensers using hooks, inexpensive wood boards, and wooden dowels (also v cheap). The result is that you can see all your supplies, don’t have to rifle through drawers and bins, and can organize accordingly (ex: all cutting instrumentz together, sewing notions in the same place, etc.).


I did have to use a basket for all my yarn and string but I went with a wire basket so I could see most of the colors I have. Wall hooks are also crazy useful and not fancy. The most useful supplies I’ve used have just been rope, string, hooks, dowels, and regular old boxes/baskets/tins I already had lying around. All this helps if you’re not afraid to use some tools to frame your pegboard and cut some wood. All of which is a totally worthwhile endeavor for any dedicated crafter.


I also can’t forget to thank my trusty dress dummy, Vivian,  for holding my tool belt and being super sassy.

photo 1 (51) photo 4 (28)

And there you have it, the a creative solution for the organizing all those craft supplies so you can do some serious damage when crafting!

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