Adventures in the Rainy Wilderness

I recently visited Raleigh, NC for the weekend and took the opportunity to catch up with two wonderful ladies — Rachel and Jen! Those two couldn’t have been better company! We did all of my favorite things – gourmet popsicles, gourmet donuts, vintage hats, movie marathons, and all sorts of adventures. I got tons of blogging material out of the weekend. You might have already read about the Koolaid Hair Dye from

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Both of these ladies were all about me accomplishing some of my 30 Before 30 goals (we worked on a bunch — dying my hair purple — unsuccessfully, cooking my way through a cookbook — we did 4 recipes)  #15 Visit at least three national or state parks was one we decided to take a crack at by traveling to Raven Rock State Park and hitting the trails. We were so excited to go hiking and experience some serious communing with nature that we even discussed camping. And then it rained. And rained. So we decided to just go hiking. After all, it probably wasn’t raining that hard, right?

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So we packed our lunch, loaded the car, and drove to Raven Rock State Park. It was WONDERFUL! I couldn’t get over how nice everything was! The Welcome Center was like something out of a magazine! When we arrived, we ate our picnic lunch at the Welcome Center and planned our hike (and of course got goofy!).

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photo 4 (13)photo 3 (17)


It wasn’t exactly a beautiful day in the traditional sense. We still thought the woods and view were wonderful! And I bet the trail had never heard sweet music like the sound of version of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad!”

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We were so grateful for our ponchos!

iphone 38 180


By the end of the trip, we were exhausted and wet! But we had a blast! To be honest, just being with these lovely ladies in the car there and back and our brief stop at Walgreens was as fun as the hiking itself!  iphone 38 190




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